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Artist: mc chris
Album:  mc chris Is Dead
Song:   Freaks
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[mc chris]
Let's meet at the mecca where we munch on desserts
Let's order at a dining chain I'm ordering first
Can't decide on appetizers or what sandwich to get
Can't deny it I'm excited gets my appetites wet
Homework's over parents snoring and I need to go roam
Phil picks me up in a jeep, a Suzuki that owns
We ride on River Road while we're blastin "Raining Blood"
We're smoking swisher sweets while we of road in the mud
After causing as much havoc as we can in this town
After all the abandoned houses and the burial grounds
We head over to Denny's where we smoke and we flirt
Well I never do nothing, see I'm kind of a nerd
Don't drink, don't smoke, break a cigarette in half
I'm a drug free virgin, I don't fit into the pack
They can tell that I am different and they love me for that
Always good for a laugh, always paying for gas

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
I'll take a cup of cocoa and a slice of cookie pie
Take the junior in the corner that is giving me the eye
Waitress gets a big tip if she keeps bringing me fries
We're not allowed in Downing so we'll make Denny's our dive

[mc chris]
I got a little cash, allowance from my daddy
I'll take a Blender Blast or a Moons Over Miami
Buy the table chicken fingers big spender in the house
Ambush someone with the cola, cough sugar out my mouth
Cookie dough with the butters or a creamer suicide
Waiting for the order so we're all just wasting time
Levitating forks. no one knows how I do it
Order arrives at the table and we're diving into it
Freaks in the tunnels in their oversized denims
Most of them are hungry they've been fogging up lemons
Jocks hate them in the halls make fun of their hair
People treat them like they're freaks but they probably don't care
I think they're cool feel, like I wasted four years
Horsefeathers in Waukegan sip on tea 'stead of beers
So trees makes an appearance and we're feeling defiant
Suburban counter-culture I really think you should try it


One of us, we accept you (one of us)
One of us, we accept you (one of us)