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Artist: mc chris
Album:  mc chris Is Dead
Song:   Falynn
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[mc chris]
Have you ever met a girl, and you thought she was dope
And you wanted to buy her popcorn and a medium Coke
But when proximity's close, you close up shop and you choke
Time to write a thank-you note to dear old dad for the cloak
She's really cute and her hairs illuminescent
I fight the urge to smell her cause you know she get to stepping
But you just observe from across the way
If I was working EB Games then you would not pay (full price)
I'm nice and I'm sweet and I shower twice a week
Kid diggin on my speak 'cause I represent the geeks
But I'm really hella cool, and I had sex before
So don't fidget with your digits an' no texting whore!
(Well that's not true)

I've Falynn, and I can't get up
Girl I love you, yeah I got a crush
I'm on mushrooms, and I lost my lunch
And I don't think I can make it home alone

[mc chris]
I stare at my shoes and I look away
Cause I think you're kinda cute and I like your face
One day we might embrace, and I'll have to hide my boner
You don't want to do it Dottie, I'm a rebel and a loner
I'm a rap superstar with a mic in my hand
But I can't talk to girls 'less the girl is a fan
But yo I got a plan, I'll love it when it comes together
We'll get married and have babies and we'll all wear matching sweaters
Yes, I'd do her if I knew her this is hard without computers
She don't need another stalker or intruder to pursue her
She don't need a guy like me whose favorite movie's Starship Troopers
Why don't you kill me baby is it because I'm a loser?
I'm a winner just beginning to, roll up my sleeves
Roll up next to me, I can't breathe and I wheeze
"Hi, my name is mc, what's yours? That's great!"
Want you in the worst way, this is so our first date


WOWWWW!!! {*applause and laughter*}