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Artist: mc chris
Album:  mc chris Goes to Hell
Song:   Smackababy
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[mc chris]
Spare the rod, spoil the child
Fuck that shit I'm about to go wild
Went to the backyard found myself a switch
Wimpy little shit is about to get hit
Up-as-ide the head with a bucket of sand
Fuckin shit up cause I'm fuckin intense
I'm tenser than fuck, I'm denser than shrubs
I'm straight out the pub with a fistful of
fuuuuuck you, what'cha gonna do?
Where you gonna sit? Beat that bad butt with a hickory stick
Lickity split, sick of these kids
Want my side of corn and a bucket of ribs
Fuck 'em up quick, don't miss my game
Every little sound lit a light in my brain
So don't complain, like I'm always sayin
Might get the belt or the bicycle chain

Smackababy in the mornin, smackababy in the night
Smackababy in the evenin if you're feelin like a fight
Smackababy in your home, smackababy on a train
Smackababy anywhere you like just please do not refrain
Smackababy - smackababy, smackababy, c'mon
Smackababy make me go crazy
Smackababy - smackababy, smackababy, c'mon
Smackababy make me go crazy

[mc chris]
Beat that boy, hurl that girl
Here's two tickets to a tilt-a-whirl
Pump that pup, choke that chap
Show em who's boss, ain't takin no crap
Ain't takin no mess, ain't takin no guff
Ain't takin no lip so you better bite your tongue
Better watch your mouth, better stay in line
Gonna get gone or I'm gonna get mine
So shut the fuck up and let me chill
Bring me a beer and a bottle of pills
Sit real still don't make a peep
Or I'll get my sickle and reap my seed
I love you kid cause you're my kin
TV's on and you don't say shit
Take off your shoes and stay off the couch
And just get lost shut your motherfuckin mouth


You are mc chris (uhhh no)
I got all your cassette tapes (I'm not mc chris, I'm, he's dead)
mc chris I got all yo' cassette tapes (I never put out cassette tapes)
(and he's dead) I got, here I got, I got this song (and uh I can't)
I got this song idea for you (I gotta go, I'm in a hurry)
I got this song, it's about (Uh, I just gotta)
It's about, it's about babies (I'm act-I'm actually in a hurry)
Called smackababy (that's, a, very interesting title)
Hang on (I'm in a hurry I just) hang on hang on (okay)
Hold tight sir, I need to get in tune

[Chorus] - repeat 2X