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Artist: mc chris
Album:  mc chris Goes to Hell
Song:   Bossk on a Segway
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[mc chris]
Don't mess with the best, white vest got the glock
B-O-double S-K press play for the rock
Press pause for applause, cause of awe and the shock
Ram through the treetop, throw 'em in the cell block
See I like to wrangle Wookiees cause I do not battle 'bots
I work them then I cut them I do not collect their tops
I leave their domes alone, see scalping is for clone
Like the baby Boba did, you know his papa was a mold
And so I was foretold beyond my own machinations
With the Hunters Guild, kill my father cause I hate him
Kill my siblings in the crib, didn't phase me a bit
Why you hatin a bitch, what you waitin for snitch?
I lick my lizard lips on a six six six
I stack it full of Wookiees and I get rich quick
I'm just an opportunist on the hunt is where I do this
We're gonna move this through this with a morbid to-do list (what?)

The haters hate me, I pass them by
I'm rollin rollin, on my segway
The haters hate me, I say goodbye
I'm rollin rollin (rollin, rollin)

[mc chris]
Okay the cookies I bake, and the Wookiees I trade
I'm Rogue Squadron 64 cause I keep getting played
Millenium Falcon fucked my shit, Fett's setting tricky traps
That shit is wiki-wack like callin appetizers apps
See, things were going good, new hunters gettin gain
New sects to inspect on the planetary plains
I didn't betray a Fett I had hubris and I loved it
but I was a bounty boss soon to be a bounty comet
Ran across some relevant Wookiee intelligence
Location and whereabouts of Chewbacca's relatives
A double crossing Wookiee with a name that's vaguely french
locked me in a locker then he freed his Wookiee friends
I incite a prison riot, they perverted my pup
The Wookiees took control and their captors were crushed
The rebellion bound beasts had me cornered and callous
Haven't seen this much fur since "Debbie Does Dallas"


[Interlude: repeat 2X]
I'm a lizard let loose on a wicked rap groove
And I'm sayin "fuck you" in my yellow jumpsuit
I chop a chump fool with the killer fung fu
Girl, trip a chump drew when I kick it old school