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Artist: mc chris
Album:  Dungeon Master of Ceremonies
Song:   Booties For Breakfast (Bonus Track)
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[mc chris]
The sun's in the sky, the wind's in my hair
And there's honies in Ugg boots everywhere
And they all got a yoga mat derriere
Don't like a big butt, like I'm barely there
I'm quite aware, of the booties be shakin
Strictly South Beach, bring on the bacon
My heart be achin my joints point breakin
You know I'm salivatin like I'm makin Steak-Umms

Girlfriend, when will this date end?
Your end's waitin for me
I'm cool with casual datin
but your booty's callin me

[mc chris]
I feel real bad for smackin that ass
But you've got me harder than hard to reach plaque
Now you're gonna need that backstage pass
Tap the booty juice sell it on the off ramp
Rollin gorgeous, hell of a vortex
Stand next to it, kinda feel dwarfish
Don't mean to sound whiney like a bitch on a rag
But the booty's my maxi-pad

[Chorus] - 2X

[mc chris]
She, had, a, booty so small it could fit in your hand
Booty so big unicorn's like damn
Any kind of booty, any kind of can
Any brownie baker let me take her to the dance
Want to go back like the butt was the eighties
If we're making love don't even try to face me
Lady's so crazy, naming all my babies
One for each cheek or a +Bunch+ like the +Bradys+

[Chorus] - 2X

[mc chris]
I'm just a man with manly needs
I drink lots of beer and smoke lots of weed
Follow that ass like a bloodhound on speed
To the offended, I'm sorry that is how I feel
Every Achilles has a heel
And you got me more boney
than Ally McBeal, for real

[repeat 8X]
Booties for breakfast

[Chorus] - 2X

[Outro: repeat to fade]
Ohhh, ohh, ohh
Oh, no, here we go
One more time, everybody say