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Artist: mc chris
Album:  Dungeon Master of Ceremonies
Song:   Twelve Sided
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[mc chris]
Outta my way

Beautiful night out here on the red carpet

[mc chris]
Motherfucker outta my way!

MC, MC, come on over here!

[mc chris]
Who the fuck are you? I don't know you!

how you doin? my name's Joe Garden from television

[mc chris]
Fuck you, Joe Garden I don't know you from shit!

MC you got a new record coming out called "Drinking Blunts & Smoking Forties"

[mc chris]
"Drinkin' Blunts & Smokin' 40's" I won't talk about shit
Get the fuck outta my face!

Ok... and your new single "Smackababy," endorsing infant

[mc chris]
"Smackababy!" Make me go crazy! Smack that shit!

Alright and moving on, who are you wearing tonight you look fantastic!

[mc chris]
Fuck Youse who I'm wearing bitch you need to get the fuck outta my way!
Where the fuck is the fuckin craft service?

MC one last question, how did you come up with the name mc Chris?

[mc chris]
Fuck you's how I came up with it
What the fuck are you talk... who the fuck?
Where did you come from you son of a bitch?
{Yo! Which one of you motherfuckers is MC Chris?} {Yeah motherfuckers!}

[mc chris]
Who wants to know?
{Yo we do! We got a message for you from Reggie!}

[mc chris]
Reggie? What's it say?
{He wanna say somethin like +THIS!!!+}
{*machine gun fire*}

{Yeah yeah yeah yeah} {Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah die bitch}
{Yeah yeah motherfucker} {Yeah yeah motherfuckin dead}
{Yo you're fuckin dead yo} {Yeah yeah yo you see that paparazzo}
{Yeah paparazzo} {We killed your king}
{Deal yeah we killed your king}
{We killed your king all you fuckin nerdy-ass bitches}
{We just made you twelve sided die mothfucker}
{Yo check out I'm wearing your fuckin face}
{Rapzilla's wearin your face mc chris}
{I'm getting my picture taken with your face on man}
{I'm takin his picture with your face on}
{Yeah yeah yeah oh shit}
{I'm takin his picture with my my camera phone}
{I'm wiping my ass with your motherfuckin ass ain't that a bitch}
{Where's your jet pack now motherfucker}
{I'm wiping my ass with your ass bitch}
{Where's your jet pack now?} {*machine gun fire*}
{Be our MySpace friend motherfucker} {Cracked out}
{Everybody who used to be motherfuckin mc chris' MySpace friend}
{Be our MySpace friend} {be our MySpace friend yo}
{Yo} {Yeah join that shit bitch}
{Check out our videos and our songs better than this dead motherfucker}