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Artist: mc chris
Album:  Apple Tummy
Song:   Peer Gynt
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Hello my name's mc chris, I am white, and I rap
I know that you think my voice is kinda annoying
But when it is on a mic, it is nice, kinda like
The wind through windchimes at night now knight me The Boy King
I'll require a throne and hoes, don't forget, lots of 'dro
Wasn't long ago I lived on milk and kidney beans
But now I've been vilified, thanks to these mic skills of mine
Nerds they all get in a line with things to sign, mc
Groupies throw their thongs and bras, midget girls, Amazons
Take 'em home pajamas on let's play some hide-and-seek
But don't worry dad and mom, always have a condom on
I got better sense than that don't wanna catch VD
Did I discuss my dividends? That depends, are we friends?
If we are then I can say I'm slingin wicked bling
Enough that I can loan you some, what'cha want, 100 bucks?
Pay your rent buy you a tux to me it's not a thing
In the end it's just revenge, honor that's my last defense
They should not have been so cruel so callous in their ways
They were jealous of my depth, they would not give it a rest
Hope my story's end sends them to an early grave
Everything's just as I planned, I'm the bomb, I'm the man
Sold out shows, New York, Japan I fill the stands with teens
Hope they don't mind a melted face, the smell of toast, metallic taste
That's the smell of burnin brains, you can blame mc
Fire and brimstone, wrath of Hell, take the cards you've been dealt
Take your wife to the hotel and F her in the tub
Key your car and steal your mail - think I won't? I will prevail
My jams will be anthems causing tantrums in the clubs
Riot gear and dissidence, a loss of life and innocence
Parachute apocalypse, it's like it's World War III
Cause I failed a fitness test, doesn't mean you have to jest
Maybe I should fill your chest, with some gasoline
You might want to look away while the flames eat your face
You'll be nothing but a bunch of bones perhaps some teeth
Hope you learned your lesson dude a little less ineptitude
Please be kind to others you'll be smothered in your sleep
Bitches need to understand you don't fuck with mc
Bitches need to understand you don't fuck with mc

You hear that bitches?