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Artist: mc chris
Album:  Apple Tummy
Song:   lowercase
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[mc chris]
Name is mc, I'm a number one rapper
I still buy toys, and make comics on the crapper
Go against the grain like the seed that you gather
More metaphors than newscasts to Dan Rather
I'm on the spit, zip your lip like a gimp
Like a redwood tree, more rings than a pimp
Name is mc chris, dismissed as the wimp
I insist I'm the shit, with a sith triple flip
Got cream in the whip, got hoes on my dick
Got a glock automatic in case some bad-ass wants to trip
I titty rip chicks while you go get a grip
I glow on a bitch while your bro takes a fist
My flow makes me rich, well rich to me
IRS takes half, math makes me weep
But I do it for the fans and the crazy creeps
Now please wave your hands if they baby feet

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
What do I got that nobody gots
Who is the one everybody wants
Real rappers get capped fake rappers get lost
mc chris lowercase no dots

[mc chris]
I slam my fist down, chris is pissed now
My bella Brianna took her coat by the chris rounds
So bitch gonna wish that mc chris didn't diss this town
I'm known as the sort to make the Voldemort hiss sound
But yo I'm just here to have some fun
If you don't know better axe someone
I went ill in the hills with a gatling gun
My pitch'll choke a bitch Marlee Matlin's stunned
Cause I'm a dog whistle wigger with my finger on the trigger
Hoes who I'm havin cause I'm sold seven figures
And my rolls gettin bigger I got money disease
And I heard the vaccine is smokin mad trees
Back off these nuts and let a man breathe
Give me some room and watch me proceed
Rip on the mic, a rhyme guaranteed
Now please wave your hands like they baby feet


Highways and hot dates, got wavy heat
Now please wave your hands if they baby feet
Botox for the lady that's got lazy leaks
Now please wave your hands if they baby feet
I forward all my mail to Gravy Street
Now please wave your hands if they baby feet
I like hot dogs cause it's made of meat
Now please wave your hands like you're baby meat
{*laughing*} I said baby meat