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Artist: Max & Sam
Album:  Young Man Rumble 12"
Song:   Young Man Rumble
Typed by: Wammy Giveaway

[Joe "The Butcher" Nicolo]
"Well you know how great am I, I don't tell you 'bout my strategies
I tellin' my trainer, hey, Bodinus, come here
Bodinus, tell them, what are we gonna do
You gon' float like a butterfly and sting like a bee
Rumble young man, rumble
AH" --> Muhammad Ali & Bodina

[Verse 1: Sam Kellerman]
Like a babyface killer
I step in a box, and the mob flocks
They hoppin' on bad rock as a lyrical cannon cock
Jump start the sparkin' in stock bars
Reign the lost arts straight to the top of hip hop charts
Dyin' to do a mob, and doin' the job and
Co-runnin' Gothan like Batman & Robin
Painful brain full of why I rearrange y'all
Delivish rhymes but I lookin' like an angel
Before I came into the game
You couldn't name a rookie entertainer
Who could rhyme like a hall of famer
You got delusions of dope and a dumb plan
To battle the one Sam
Rumble, young man

Hook: Max & Sam (Joe "The Butcher" Nicolo)
RUMBLE YOUNG MAN, RUMBLE ("Let's get ready" --> Michael Buffer)

[Verse 2: Max Kellerman]
New York's a state, my city's
And a man who I hate, I pity 'em like I brashed the Vidian
Got skills, got stamina
Got hands of stone like the champ from Panama
Bodies drops from body shot, cause I could box
No need for glocks or karate chops
So if you wanna see, who the best be
Come and test me, come and test me
Come and test me
Got stardom
Car gets stuck from the crock
To the big ball yard in the South Bronx
My flavor's good, my flavor's good
Hear city, city, you're nothin' but my neighborhood
New York, New York, so nice, got named twice, and
I'm harassin' punks like Mike Tyson
And I'll break, connive, it's worse
Than Pernell Whitaker fuckin' up Chavez
Display skills like a museum so you could see 'em
And rabbits go fleein', though my skin's European
Hit ya man with a hook, in the head, don't even jab it
And beat you with just, my left hand, like (???)
It gets scarier, and scarier
Got props on every block of the tri-borough area
King of my concrete jungle
Rumble, young man, rumble

Repeat Hook

[Max Kellerman (Sam Kellerman)]
Rumble young man, rumble (WAH)
Rumble young man, rumble (WAH)
Rumble young man, rumble (WAH)
Rumble young man, rumble (WAH)

(Verse 3)
Scandal ranges on the front pages
Don't know what his name or his means, but he been rippin' up speakers in stages
Dough, reggae makin' women shake and breakin' level cruise
Six o'clock news shown the blues, with no clue
At practice, seen a low rhyme drop jaws
They never see a rhyme scheme so raw
It's a gasp for lost
They gonna hatch a plan or catch and can a damager
Damn sure
The man behind the damage ain't no amateur
Pro torch, my tractor wack, they eliminate
And crimincate the good and incarcerate the great
They'll never catch the guy (Yo, why)
Cause they keep on Passin' Me By
On the evidence, they makin' no senses
They hark for hedge, and found ten of my finger prints
Before the trooper, they convince his coincidence
Dismiss my prints and presume my innocence
See, they can compute
A kid with a face this cute
Rock in Luch', knockin' boots and clockin' loot
Now I'm off clean as another arena tumbles
That's how the cookie crumbles when a rookie rumbles

Repeat Hook Twice

[Joe "The Butcher" Nicolo]
And in this corner
And in this corner
And in this corner
And in this corner ("Let's get ready")
And in this corner
And in this corner
And in this corner
"Let's get ready"

{*background chatter*}

[Sam Kellerman]
Take the time to make the rhyme
In the studio rhymin' where the dime in
Is a God damn crime

{*background chatter*}