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Artist: Master Fuol
Album:  Brownsville Kid
Song:   Who the Clown? (Brownsville B.K.)
Typed by: Davida.b.

[Master Fuol]
Now who the clown' ass bettin in poker, broker than ??? Brown
Fuol do shoot it down like my hooler's rounds
Catch me in a pair of gators sliding through your town
Head twist up, mink grits suited down
We in the room, smokin boom, getting booted out
Police fighting in the crib and they about to shoot it out
(Foo what you doin now?) Yo I got to cool it out
Matter of fact, fall back, grab your coats and move it out
My music make em say "We don't know how to act"
The crowd go wild when the throw on a track
I'm in the ladies bathroom, sneakin a peak
Who I see in the stall, she is a freak
They ask if I wanna join, I said no thank you
I got a chick with a whip that's ready to spank fools
At 2:30, Fuol's ready with the picker-up
Said it's 2:30, I ain;t jiggin, nigga what?
Oh yeah sick of fucking Brownsville niggas? That's rediculous
You fluckin now what? Alright shu up and hitthe dutch

[Chorus: Master Fuol]
Known to get crunk, known to let it bump
Known to jack chains, known to back thangs
Known to rob food, known to pawn jewels

[Master Fuol]
Cool it down cocksucker, you fuckers don't want to fool around
Still shoot you down, love my hooters round
Big booty baggin the beat and hit the coochie yet
Yelling out the window like her name was Juliet
Romeo must die, kick your ass like Jet Li
See me in Miami on the jet ski
Shake you up and pop the top like Pepsi
Test me and I skate with your ice like Wayne Gretsky
He got it son, no he don't, I've seen him tuck it
Like a Brooklyn nigga, scheeming on something
Scheeming on pocket pussy paper poppin the peace
Politicin with pistol packin, hop in the jeep
It's business as usual
Pissed off most time, but I choose to smile
I'm a rockstar nigga, I move the crowd
Everything shut down when the Fuol's in town


[Master Fuol]
Brooklyn baby, BK Brownsville
Grew up in Van Dyke, right down the hill
Guns go off, normally you got killed
Smoke, fuck, drink, that's my everyday drill
Bet you ain't hard with a puck in your face
Double barrel, 3-D, ain;t nothing to say
Let's go, rip shows, rip clothes, rip hoes
Flip o, get dough, bodybag, zip closed
Fuol, remember the name
Or catch it at the lights like heroin caine