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Artist: Master Fuol f/ Kokane
Album:  Brownsville Kid
Song:   Master Fuol
Typed by: Davida.b.

[Chorus: Kokane (Master Fuol)]
Master Fuol, who's that nigga that's kickin up dust?
Master Fuol, late night on the prowl with some stanky stuff
Master Fuol, up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane
Master Fuol, got bitches screamin his name
Master Fuol, Master Fuol, ain't gon run
(Give the party people what they want)
Cuz we go long (we gon get this muthafucka crunk)
And turn it out (we gon make the party people jump)

[Master Fuol]
To my world, ?it's bugged?, liquor, dro
Niggas hold, lose ya clothes
Get ya back up off the wall
Fat, skinny, and tall, Fuol, fuck em all, ya know
Now I lay low, sitting on a bank roll
Cold crash the truck, gotta get ???
We live reckless, so tuck in your necklace
Respect this mack, we gon take your keys to your Lexus
Frontin at the bar, see me on tv, pa
Don't think I won't take your girl and drive away with her car
I'm a superstar, rockstar, all of the above
Fat chicks, skinn chicks, they all need love
Strip down, get down to my drawers and my gloves
If I beat it up, then we all beat it up, cuz I'm


[Master Fuol]
New moves like Gary ???
Don't wanna body nobody, don't carry no tools
Just looking for a chick who need comforting
Wanna slide to a party and bump a bitch
Sex appeal for ya sexy ass
And I see through your eyes like plexi glass
Ya want me to hit the dance floor and make ya laugh
You wanna slide to the telly and take a bath
Don't front for me, that's what you want from me
You wanna drink Hennessey and smoke blunts with me
Wanna get into my seat, sleep comfortably

So girl if you a freak, just get out yo seat
And move it to the beat, cuz we's a super freak
Master Fuol, what's his name?


[Master Fuol]
Give the party people what they want
We gon get this muthafucka crunk
We gon make the party people jump
Get high, get ???, get right, get drunk

Master Fuol, bumpin from east to west
Master Fuol, comin through your hood with a bulletproof vest
Master Fuol, he can smoke till the folds have closed
Master fuol, and who the nigga guarenteed to make the party crunk
We gon ball, *fades*