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Artist: Master Fuol
Album:  Brownsville Kid
Song:   It's On
Typed by: Davida.b.

*female singer constantly singing "it's on" in the background

[Chorus: Master Fuol]
To all my blood smokers, to all my zig zag smokers
Pipe somkers, smoking the bong, blaze on
To all my haters, Star & Bucwild, Madd Rapper wild ass niggas, hate on
To all my hustlers, to all my pimps, to all my ballers, play on
To all my single mothers on welfare, even if nobody else cares, stay strong

[Master Fuol]
Little Tony, little boney
Bad ass lil nigga with the little homies
Little old me, raised on the belly of the beast
We melt the wax in the time piece, play skelly in the street
Live on your avenue, 383
Ain't nothing in the hood that we ain't seen
Cats get pushed off the roof and land on fences
Chicks sitting on the benches, braiding their extensions
Calling out their names as we throw rocks at them
Pin stripped lees, everybody had em
Eastern times do sneak at times
Get into any trouble that we could find
I keep in mind man, I made my mistakes
Running from the cops, kept my legs in shape
Staying out late, at wakes I gotta show my face
And little kids gotta go upstate, and it's wrong


[Master Fuol]
I rhyme, twelve, sixteen, seventy five
Street smarts and moms are what hept me alive
I was wild when she left me outside, and I was daring
Both of us kids grew up with worse parents
Didn't want to listen, had to learn on my own
She mad cus I sol drugs to turn the foam
Big Willie on the block, you better be known
The cats will burry your bones in the ?heritage? own
Moved from flipping on cats to flipping on pack
Stacking the gat, then we started flipping on cat
Sicker than that, my man caught a fifth in his back
Got sent back, why, cus of shit he don snatched
Retaliated in the whip, hit the dip and we crashed
Pop the cat, got caught, did the six and a half
You can tell by the flicks we be missing you bad
Got the whips in the lab and the shit in the smash, it's on


[Master Fuol]
I still go around every now and then
Give a pound to my friend, people ask me how I've been
How I'm feeling now (still a clown) my old stomping ground
Can't let these children down, cities tearing buildings down
But I'm still around to accomplish more
Be a multi million entreprenuer
Better prepare baby, cus here I come
The show, it could be done, where I'm from


[Outro: Master Fuol]
Bling on, bling on, fully on, maze on, blaze on with the cape on
Fighting up in the graveyards, it's ??? baby I'm not ??? on
Man you and ??? baby, ??? baby, hang on
Take that ??? and let me put them rays on
Bling on, bling on, bling on, come on baby
Let me out the box, blaze on
You can't do nothin now, real deal baby
Yeah, north, east west, south, to all my bangers, bang on
That's right new news, the new news, play on
Blaze on, fully on amazing, blaze on with the cape on
They call, yeah, fully on amazing, blaze on, powerful words
Thirstin Howl III, all my birds, ???, you know how we do