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Artist: Master Fuol
Album:  Brownsville Kid
Song:   Epidome Raw Animal Magnetism
Typed by: Davida.b.

[Chorus X2: Master Fuol]
I am the epidome, that raw animal
Magnestism's in me, Fuol is the

[Master Fuol]
What I gotta do to make a point? Do I gotta make a hit?
Like ??? that shake the joint, do I gotta call one
Do I gotta come and bleed the track? I'm about to act, Fuol
Wild out, I got my back (I gotchu Fuol, I got your back)
I'm a freak by nature, I came to ball
I came to get wild, get the party pumped
Get crunk, get drunk, Fuol stay high
Better catch ??? when Fuol stage dive
Studio track, we bang it out
All day, draw dang-a-lang hangin out
I'm in the mall where the bitches be hangin out
Girl, what your tongue ring about?
I got stamina for days and I'm wicked in the bed
I ain't 'fraid to eat the cat if you give a nigga head
Don't mess with my kids, don't mess with my bread
Don't worr' bout my biz, don't worry bout my checks
Just worr bout you, don't worr bout Fuol
Don't worr bout drugs, don't worr bout food
Everybody cool, yeah, we all in the mood
Everybody X'd out, we all get nude


[Master Fuol]
I must be dreamin, can't move my legs
Can't move my arms, can't move my head
Somebody in the house sayin 'you goin to hell'
Can't move my mouth, but I'm yelling for help
You damn fool, there's nothing you can do
The phone is ringing, but I just can't move
God, I heard Satan call me
With girls with their pussy on fire wating for me!
Ecstasy, kickin it, feelin horny
Next to me, one big freakin orgy
Everybody freakin off, I got the weekend off
Two chicks eatin pussy while I'm beating off
Blackula, reflection gone in the mirror
Sexin her with the Long John Silver
Shake the bon bon, it was on on till the morn
Poof, she was gone, damn, how she disappear?
There's semen on my leg, so I know she was here
Try to sit up, I hear the voice in my ear
Laay down, laay down, Fuol you my slaave now
Looked up, it's a hairy ape chick
I had the chex mix, make sure the condom ain't ripped
I'm wasted in the basement
I'm a dominatrix, I gotta make a pick
My soul on a bottomless pit

[Chorus X2]

[Master Fuol]
Fuol just want to party all the time
Smoke, fuck, drink, drink, pull my song!
Jump in the seat, drink Bacardi and lime
Sober, she's ugly, drunk, she's fine
Whipped out the stick and put it in her palm
V12, just spilled, put in overtime
Lookin, cuz I'm lookin, cuz I'm lookin over mine
I beez on the block, and Brooklyn on the grind
Got dough, spit flows, Fuol strip shows
Get flow, get a club, then fools get choked
Get dough, spit flows, Fuol strip shows
When I go to astrip clubs, Fuol got yours
Jack the part, don't play the part
Cuz the party wilds out toll today and tomorrow
Chick ate down, gotta wait in the car
I'm lookin for a freak, bitch, I'll be at the bar

[Chorus X2]