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Artist: Master Fuol
Album:  Brownsville Kid
Song:   El Fuego
Typed by: Davida.b.

[Intro: Master Fuol]
*Speaks Spanish* Turn it up, come on, ???
Break it down baby, break it down baby
Come dance with my people, we hot!

[Master Fuol]
Bird flocko, *spanish*
Don't make me send my wolves to pull out and rob you
Got cash in the heaters, bad mamacitas
Model chick got zip locked bags in the reefer
Boy crashin the party, we ain't askin nobody
And my chick sell mad ass at the party
Duck low, bump dro, you know how the game go
Made rich, big chips, same rules, different hoes
When we slide to the club, get high in the club
Get live, get punched in the eye at the club
Little monkey ass niggas tryin to play, gorilla
Actin like they hard, but they ain't no killa
We got fine ass hoes in designer clothes
See through lace with vaginas shown
She was sittin in the chair, long legs, brown hair
And she sat on my lap and she whispered in my ear
(You know my papi don't really like me fuck with ???
But ?seen you on tv popin that dinero?)
That nigga hot hot hot, el fuego

[Chorus X2: Unknown female singing in Spanish]

[Master Fuol]
You know brown skinned, fine tint, light weight, the right date
Couple drinks at the bar get your wife straight
Tree'd up, E'd up, Ski'd up, whatever
I'm g'd up, I beat it up, one nut better
Giiirls like "He's so fine"
Seen him on the tv in the ???
I pay em no mind (why?) cuz they ??? my cash
I'm in the club all day, straght huntin for ass
A blunt in the back, a brew would do me right
Gangbang by the crew is what the groupies like
Fool we like, fuck em, fill em and forget em
If she gets too atatched to the dick I got to dead em

[Chorus X2]

[Master Fuol]
Me amigo, you know how we go, I'm on the d-low
Guiliani comin for ???, where would he go? In a bag of Doritos
I'm on a plane with a fake ID thats says Carlos ???
Black man, Spanish blood, track man, turn it up
Lap dance, get a nut, hot damn, hit it up
Come on, if you're ready to party
Drunk on a fifth of Bacardi, don't wanna body nobody
See shorty over there? Be cool foo
She's a fgreak, we see through you
Love chicks that car hop, fuckin them, don't stop
On top, then I drop the bitch off at the wrong block
Hollywood, play the field, chill short stop
??? in the party for ???
Fuol's Year Eve, up till the ball drop
Mamacita, bras, take off tops

[Chorus to fade]