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Artist: Master Fuol
Album:  Brownsville Kid
Song:   Drunk Fist
Typed by: Davida.b.

[Chorus: Master Fuol]
You can't touch my style (the drunk fist)
Drive the chickens wild (drunk fist)
Love my Island smile (the drunk fist)
I'll be around a while (drunk fist)

[Master Fuol]
My ??? ?citizen tassles? will blast you
Overthrow your castle, Master Fuol, daddy cool
Criminal, smokey light in a bee's flight
Criminals hold metal cuz ghetto life is hard, odds is grim
Mama's best friend is in stim
Burnt phlegm, the pilgrim predator
Baby Eddie Kane, nickname Slip Slide
Crazy North American with African pride
Train for the Armageddon, the other savage feels threatened
By my presence, fake guys throw snake eyes
??? crimes, take lives, ??? degree
Strictly mess with chicks who swallow seeds
Pay in skills like Apollo Creed
Blow weed, smoke trees, that's how it be


[Master Fuol]
My brotha's avenger, neighborhood defender
Project ninja, below the surface, livin in the circuit
We purchase purple haze
Went to school with a boat, so I'm ?pitchin days?
Sweatin like a runaway slave, ??? bravest gave us
Freddom packages, drunk fist activist
My whole squad spit, daily death wish, sleep with the fish
Throw you off the fairy, puno buratcho
Rap mercenary, my alter ego ??? negro
*speaks spanish* forgive me for my thinkin
Leave you sinkin like Abe Lincoln
Shop by 22 like John Wilkes Booth
Drinkin Colt 45, police, they use crooked ???
Persuaded by the hangman's noose
You get beheaded at school
I like my chickens breaded, athletic
Legs apreaded, energetic and new
You pathetic fool


[Master Fuol]
Battle my drunk fist, ego shatter garbage rapper, clean the feelings
Hyena from Medina, startin trouble, double snake tryin to kill me two times
Rhyme written in braille so the blind can feel me do my thang
Switch up like yin and yang
Smoke blunts, do stunts like Jackie James
Not in the passion to fashion
Drunk fist, shogun assassin
Awful ??? gassing in nymphonia
A rebel, a loner, sippin Coronas
In the hood, chickens and peckerwoods
Packin metal, up to no good
Worst part of planet, we would settle as ghetto nations
Incarceration's what you facin
Without a Jim Crow's education
My click is populating the masses
Hot flashes, drunk fist clashes a terminal ???
Poisenous gas, what nigga, turn you to ashes


*Master Fuol takes faintly to end*