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Artist: Master Fuol
Album:  Brownsville Kid
Song:   Brownsville Kid
Typed by: Davida.b.

[Chorus: Master Fuol]
I don't wanna grow up, I'm a Brownsville Kid
There's a million other guns n shit that I can play with
From glocks to chop shop, mad trauma, Matchbox
Chicken heads be bringin bling on the block

[Master Fuol]
I don't wanna grow, cuz maybe if I did
I wouldn't be a Brownsville Kid
Giuliani got me running from Jakes for high stakes
Across the border, reenforced quarter inch plates
Fifty coins, like Donald Goines, Kenyatta's Escape
Out of stable cats that's funny for money and easy sex
Project residents working for welfare checks
Basketball courts with no nets, housing won't allow pets
Me and my dogs rather die a thousand deaths, no regrets
Quick to squeeze the trigger like ?Burt Arquettes?
Iceberg reincarnated,robbin banks, livin life in neglect
?Collect a shiesty?, got a wifey in jail
Or coppin vows, in and out of trade
Grandma prayin, yellin this rap shit ain't payin for nuttin to eat
Every day, popo seek white man's justice, black man's grief
Live by the code of the streets
It's the rules to the game
Brownsville kid, blood flowing through my veins

[Chorus X2]

[Master Fuol]
Iceberg Slim, keep em coolin
I be the masta, who you think you foolin?
Get yo pen and pad, nigga, it's time for some schoolin
Form Volt-a-tron, jaw drop, niggas droolin
Off the boola, somethin got popped, and hopped toothe jewela
Took a day off like Ferris Bueller
Keep ya cooler then an air conditioner
Rock your commissioner, like Metallica
?Full Vivica, pellin in?, bust yo mellon like Ghallager
Forty five calibur, with a silencer
Sittin on my crotch, safety on lock
Four corresponders in shock like Alfred Hitchcock
Cats do crime, bust shots and get knocked
Police shootin, drug pollutin, recruiting passes like Huey Newton
Fast like cheetahs, warriors, throwin up their dick beaters
Assas the older, more experienced fighters that don't need to tip for margaritas
Goin urban, getting bent, livin in the times turbulance
Satan's servents, mastered my time ???

[Chorus X2]