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Artist: Master Fuol
Album:  Brownsville Kid
Song:   Bitch Ain't Nothin
Typed by: Davida.b.

[Chorus X2: Master Fuol]
You can have a girl (yeah!)
But don't fuck with me money!
Can I get a witness? (hell yeah!)
Bitch ain't nothin

[Master Fuol]
This is for my Gucci bitches, my bougie bitches
Always get stuck with loosey goosey bitches
My groupie bitches, like, who this bitch?
Play ya part, don't start with the foolishness
Ghetto hoes in stilettos
Go to west coast and smoke the best dro
But I rest tho on the east coast
Eat so my dick is where the meat goes
Don't worr bout it baby, who got them chicks
Lemme take you to the mall and cop you kicks
Suck snot out my dick, I put rocks on your wrist
Put rocks on your wrist, the bitch dance topless
You better stop, drop, pop them hips
Then get that money bitch, stop bullshit
And pop that coochie, I'll pop that wine
Stick a dirty dollar in your stocking line
Put in work on the block, on the grind
See number one rule, fool don't rock dimes
Getcha weight up ma, we both can shine
Don't knock your hustle, just don't knock mine, now

[Chorus X2]

[Master Fuol]
Used to be a snot nose, now my chain got the block froze
And everybody know I cop drugs
It's the regular nigga that smoke, pullin the choke
You might see me with a bitch, with my dick in her throat
Put on my coat when it's time to go
Oh no, no mo fo sho ho
This is a warning
Still got to wake up and be a freak in the morning
Fool stay fit, fool don't quit
Ecstacy, V-12, stay fit
Bitch, come on, back up on off me
You heard what I said bitch, back up on off me
Money for a drink? Hold up, shorty you lost me
I'm not a softy, but here's some change for some coffee
You know the broads be off the chain
Uh, it's gon cost me, and lost your brain
Huh, I'm doin me, don't live off my name
I paid the price for the ice and the fortune and fame, huh


[Hook: Master Fuol]
Whores, huh, good God, yeah
What is they good for?
Absolutely nothing
Fucking, sucking, hustling

[Master Fuol]
Hops out the truck, like "Fuol, what up?"
She was reppin like The Jeffersons, movin up
Like yo style, smile in the ??? blouse
She talkin bout Fuol, I push a Bentley now
So we pull up to the Valet at the Hyatt
Smokin on a blunt, but I ain't high yet
Suckin on her tits as she's suckin my neck
Says she wanna do somethin that she didn't try yet
Says she like it in the ass, I got the KY Jelly
No interruptions, made her turn off the cellie
If the head right, be there err night like Nelly
Get up on me, bust on her belly
Sweet sensation, deep penetration, three minute spankings
Spread it out, wear it out, take it real slow
If she's a freak, we can get the dildo
For real though, stay hard like a steel toe
Boo, sex all night, but you can't get lube
Spend my money, honey, you got to recoup
Baby I'm a dog, and my ??? go woof

[Chorus X2]