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Artist: Master P
Album:  Mama's Bad Boy
Song:   Fuck a Bitch Cause I'm Paid
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30 G's and with not deep could the game get
4 ki's in the safe and I aint to be fucked with
living like a baller done cross to that other level
they bury so many motherfuckers I gotta carry a shovel
Casue I dont play when it comes to my mil man
its risky seeling that cocain
watch your ass, or watch your back punk
cause in Richmond, California motherfuckers ending
up in a trunk, but I aint going out like that
I keep on pumping the gage and no limit they got my back
police keep harrassing me all the time
I guess they tripping cause the P done went big time

Im making money, fuck a bitch cause im paid(Im living like a hustler)

Tom Cool and shit, watch you mean by fuck a bitch
[Master P]
What else should I say fuck a bitch

[Verse Two-Master P]
Me and the chill we was rolling
bebbing we was foling
wholesale selling
T Dog golding
seen some bitches at the bus stop
following with that ass out
looking for some tricks but I with that bullshit
Im all about my meal I sell that crack cocain
I got the wholesale yeah im the dope man
serving the dope fiend for riding the protein
a little B12 and its fast but its crystal clean
bigger than ever thats clever, Im making mo' mil
????, trying to take a nigga to jail
but motherfuck that I aint going out like that
selling that crack and bitches talking behind ya back


[Verse Three-Master P]
Check the rolex its time to pick the mail up
slanging and banging, yeah thats how I came up
strapped on the bullet proofvest for some foul play
a nine on my lap, and on my dash is my AK
my operation run smooth, my money is always there
cause niggaz know I can act a damn fool
now its time to move on my pager ranging
reach my the mobile phone so I can see who's hanging
but if its a broke bitch damn I hang it up
cause a nigga aint got time to get his dick sucked