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Artist: Makeba Mooncycle
Album:  Throwback Classics
Song:   Jam Session
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Makeba Mooncycle]
Steady trippin', yes I be flipping
And it's time to get lifted, yo, Tah E snatch it
Like the brown split-iff, cuz I am with it
Now watch me hit it, they call me, Firestarter
Producing flames like a lighter, causing, come rushing
From the words I be busting, through my windpipes
Blow smoke filled sounds, where the streets at, I think they grow uptown
Shoot off guns, still using willy
Smoking out my chalace, cuz my mattress smoking dutchies
Don't you trust me, here we go again, sucka, I'm a High Plainz Drifter
Makeba still not, E rise hot, you can't stop me
Practice what I smoke, when I choke, I be preaching
Flow like a pro, like Vanessa Delrican
Yes, I'm the lyrical mathematican
Adding up wack tracks that get stacked
But I'm at, then come back strapped
To the maximum, with lyrical acts that be
Taxin' some, that's why my style's labeled wicked
Cuz I'm quick to quick lyrics with your stupid pictures
My mouth be diggin' ditches, so when
You call me cocky, quote me, out
In skin like a Trojan, fighting blurb battles
Keeping MC's in my mental dungeon
You don't want none, I cause commotions
Shut the secret potion, oooh, I'm falling far
By the side of the road, as I give a blunt and toast
Mad vibes of the pipe being past cross toast
I get you open off these newly wed traditions
High for the right to fight, fucked up feelings
The red lights litting, I be hitting in time
Cuz I rather be hitting on that rolled up dime
It's my time and I rather take a toke
Cuz making papes just means buying more smoke
I could keep going, get you open and livelier
Caught bet, plus I met in the cypher
What's the answer to your question?
I blew up the Jam Session