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Artist: Majestic 12
Album:  For Majic Eyes Only
Song:   The Light
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Chorus: Madam Majestic]
I'll be standing in the light
Where I can my angel in flight
I'll be standing on the right
Where I can find my baby tonight

[Madam Majestic]
Love and trust be something precious
It's something we must all apply...
If you can get yourself to love and trust
High is a quality of your life


[Madam Majestic]
My love for you, is your sweet and tranquil...
Be good to you... you know that I will...


[Hook: Madam Majestic]
Show me what you got
Show me what you got
Show me what you got, for me...
I know that you wont stop
I know you make it hot
I know that it was meant for me...

[Madam Majestic]
The light of love in all it's splender
I'm to you, baby, I surrender
If you receive, I'll be the sender
So darling, won't you please remember

[Chorus 2X]