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Artist: Timbaland f/ Keri Hilson, Sebastian
Album:  Timbaland Presents Shock Value
Song:   Miscommunication
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Two Step

Let me talk to you girl
I'm in your part of town
I call your phone and you're nowhere to be found
You do this everytime
You be in my "A" every single time
The part that kills me
You rather chill with your friends instead of me
*Huh* But I ain't gone be no clown
I guess I'll call you next I'm in your town
Then you say to me

[Keri Hilson]
So what, I was out with my friends
I'm a grown woman
It's the weekend (Ooooh)
So what, if I don't answer my phone
what if I'm not alone
I'm with him
What's it to you?

[Chorus by Keri Hilson]
I need to get out
You you you you you
are killin' me
you're killin' me
you're killin' me

And I just wanna get out
You you you you you
are killin' me
you're killin' me

what you wanna do, do, do
what you wanna do, do, do

[Keri Hilson]
Tell me
I cannot escape no matter what I do
Can't get away from you
Call me everyday and that was never cool
Gettin' on my nerves, I think it's time you knew
Oh they gave you my number 'cause
In the train you was cuter plus
You looked sad and lonely (Ooooh)
But that's all it was, put you in the game and
Here y'go complainin'
What's up with you?


Like "Whoa" lil' mama
It's the second time I'm callin' your number
I ain't chasin', I ain't even no runner
But you know I push the Hummer in the summer
*Huh* How you hard to be reached?
I can put you where you hard to be reached
Black sand on the balls of your feet
You can scream "Ain't nobody gone be 'sleep"
This your own private beach *Ha ha*
And when it comes to sex
Just a little bit of love and a little bit of that
Baby push your back where your ribs is at
Share a bowl of crunch berries, how real is that? *Ha ha*
I'm just jokin' of course
I'm tryin' to put your sex game back on course
If you feelin' dry like you don't get morse
If you ever get a minute holler at your boy