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Artist: Magno
Album:  Collection Plate
Song:   Thoia Thoing
Typed by: Lil Hustle

Beat there it go, let's get it crunk uh
Yeah, you looking for the Collection Plate baby
Late July, my solo all freestyles, Magno

It's Magno, this is Chop Em Up 8
I represent them blocks, where they chopping up cakes
Who every bopper wanna date, I pull up on the scene
Every team wanna fiend, cause my pockets got weight
I run game like running block, get the honeys hot
Drop lines and they mine, while they do the bunny hop
I pull up in the prowler, with the new blue goggles
Mag' looking like a FUBU model, no Crys just a few blue bottles
We on 22's, hide them twenties
Nothing flashy, rocking Foot Locker five for twenties
Listen, how you want it
My jeans cost four hundred
These is Iceberg, that's the cost of nice words
That's out of my mouth, I'm out of the South
Magno, hotter than South don't know how to cool off
I'm too athletic on the beat nigga
Besides that, I'm diabetic to you sweet niggaz
Disrespecting the game
I put the horse shoe to your dome, like you Eduran James
Peep the flow, I'm so supernatural
Like the red board, I'm going international
I blow hollows, with the tech fool
Got chicks giving my lil' bother head, swallowing my nephews
You might see me in a Thunderbird, sipping Thunderbird
Laws wanna lock me, like I got a ton of birds
Man I ain't tripping on them hoes
No tags no inspections, still flipping on them fo's