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Artist: Magic
Album:  White Eyes
Song:   Smoke On
Typed by: Lil Hustle
What we gonna do right here, is take a little smoke break
Not the little white kind, with the filters on it
But the kind that makes you high, and elevates your mind
I'm talking bout, high
Tell me what you're weighing sucka
Cause I'm trying to get fucked up, I wanna get high
And ya'll could just leave me alone
I can do this on my own, I'm trying to get high
Roll it up, blaze it up
I ain't trying to get high, I'm trying to get fucked up
Smoke-a-holic, I'm a fiend for the hizzerb
Smoke anything green, here lizard lizard
I like to smoke, till my eyes look Chinese
Fuck a dime bag, give me fo' O-Z's
Do you smell the aroma
I'm bout to fall, in a endonesia coma
I fuck's with Snoop, so you know what I need
That sticky icky, with no stems or seeds
I can't even drive, the smoke all in my eyes
I don't give a damn, long as I'm high when I die
Chain smoker, I light a goo off of a goo
I got it bad, and I don't know what to do
I inhale, and exhale marijuana
In church, and all in front your mama
When I'm sleepy, I'ma blow me a goo
When I'm hungry, I'ma blow me a goo
When I'm thirsty, I'ma blow me a goo
I'ma blow by myself, or I'ma blow with my crew
This my medicine, when I'm in pain
Nobody makes me feel better, than Mary Jane
I'm rapping, just to make enough paper
To gather up my shit, and move to Jamaica
Or Amsterdam, where it's legal
Smoke dogs, that's my kind of people
Is it a rehab, for niggaz like me
That's 25, and been smoking since 15
I done forgot, how it feels to be sober
Them days are over, long as I got dosha
When it's a drought, I'm going out to Cali
Without a doubt, cause that's what makes me happy
I love, smoking that kiya
Long as it's fire, and gets me higher
It's the stress free, relaxation
No other drug is, this elevation
So all my smokers, it keeps me easy
And that's for sheezy
Let me smoke my, my marijuana
And stop harrassing me, your honor
Optimoes, swisha sweets, keep moving
You know what I'm doing, shit
How many rappers you know, broke as the fuck
I smoke weed, like cluckers smoke crack
I got it bad, I'll sell my soul for a pound of that white willow