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Artist: Magic
Album:  White Eyes
Song:   Friday
Typed by: Lil Hustle
Shit, fuck I'ma do today, it's Friday again
Fuck, I guess I'll throw another motherfucking party
So look here Dede you call Ham, B you call Trouble
Gator you call Ezell, Ezell call Bam and tell him bring all the hoes
It's going, ya heard me
I don't know, what you're gonna do
But you need to get ready, cause we're coming through
It's Friday, and we gon' party
Joint is packed, the shorties all stacked
Heads are just bouncing, from the front to back
It's Friday, we gon' party yay-e-yay-e-yay
I got some money to blow, let me call up all my niggaz
May get in touch with you women, and tell em bring some bitches
It's Friday morning, and I'm ready to ball
I'm smoking do' and drinking mo', until I'm ready to fall
Tell em meet us at the lake front
And wear a thong cause it's on, I wanna see some rump
Hundred bottles of Cristal, and a case of Moet
And a pound of that fire light green, that ain't never smoked yet
We got the crawfish broiling, ribs on the grill
Bring nothing but yourself, nigga it's time to chill
You with your people, so relax your mind
And go and find you a big fine stallion, you can bump and grind with
I got the Excursion clean, 20's on shine
Left the Mrs. at home, so I'm going for mine
This how we do it, in the summertime
We ride around with the windows down, so everybody hears the sound
Stick the arm out the window, and you know what's next
Batted the rolex, the quicker to get some sex
Shine my fronts up, and lotion down my tattoos
Don't try to act like you don't do it, boy you know the rules
These southern women, love a paid nigga
I got's no problem with hoes, cause I'm a made nigga
So let me point you to the party, cause it's popping sweety
But let me warn ya, everybody over there's freaky
I like to party, till the sun come up
I'm a grown ass man, I don't give a fuck
I ain't got a curfew, my daddy's deceased
Plus I paid the police, to go the fuck to sleep
I got the volleyball popping, hoes butt naked
It's a Mr. Magic party, so you gotta respect it
See I'm a baller, a motherfucking shot caller
Don't love a hoe, I ain't giving a bitch a quarter
But I show you a good time, and get your head right
A lot of fucking going on tonight
Free yourself girl, do your thang
And to my motherfucking dogs let your nuts hang, let em swang nigga
Yeeeeah, Suga I want you to get that one
That one, that one right there, her right there
And her right there
And tell em meet me back over there at the bathroom
It's going down shaggy, and that's how we doing it
It's a Ninth Ward thang ya heard, man what you doing here
It's Friday, I been waiting all week long
For this day, so I can get my party on
Get out my way, DJ's playing my favorite song
I just wanna party all night long, all night long