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Artist: Magic
Album:  White Eyes
Song:   Forgive Us
Typed by: Lil Hustle
Wow, wow-wow-wow
This is for all the people who didn't hear "Thank You Lord for My Life"
That understand Mr. Magic
I often wonder, how we make God feel
When we take it upon ourselves, to go and kill
Behind material thrills, doesn't make sense
A few dollars and cents, where the love went
Have we forgotten, the man behind us
No matter what you believe, he saved our butts
Did that for us, and we still backslide
You do a lil' dirt, just to get a new ride
Commit a crime or two, to get some new clothes
Tell a few lies, to get a mouth full of golds
How do I know, that was me a couple years ago
Couple tears ago, couple friends ago
Believe this since the fetus, it was written
Heaven or hell, better change the way you living
You only get one chance, and that's the fact
The man I praise is coming back, believe that
I'm just hoping that the Lord, understand my flaws
I was forced to abide, by these man made laws
Dear father, (each and every day ahhh)
Fall to my knees, and pray
Forgive us Lord for these wicked ways, living in these wiked days
But, (each and every day I live in to please you, for the love of you)
When it's time to go clubbing, you ready to bail
When it's time to go shopping, you ready to bail
When it's time to get high, you ready to bail 
But when it's time to go to church, you tired as hell 
Keep procrastinating, thinking you got time 
When he open up them skies, you gon' lose your mind 
I shoulda woulda uh-uh, don't wan' hear that
A big ball of flames, gon' be right where you sit at
I like a.c., hell's too hot for me
I wanna be where I can be, in peace eternally
We only guaranteed eighty years, on this earth 
I'm concentraing on not burning, in eternal hurt
That's first, and everything else come last
I hope you listening, I'm trying to save yo...
I hope you see things clearer
I pray you change the person in the mirror, my God
Throughout my downfalls, I'm here to teach a message
The Lord as my sheppard, he created these blessings
Got a personal relationship, with the almighty
Direct connect, me and him we aaight
This is my way, of asking my father's forgiveness
Saving the souls of my peers, that's my business
The more souls I take
The better chance I have, of entering the golden gates
Feel me, this I'm sure
He would appreciate the fact, that my heart is pure
He would appreciate the world, if you did the same
Every night before I sleep, I praise his name
Not afraid to say, I put all my trust in God
Only place I wanna be, is in his loving arms
Put my faith in his plams, and relax my mind
Forget the worries of this world it's just a matter of time, the kingdom of heaven is mine
[Hook - 2x]
God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change
Courage to change the things that I can, and the wisdom to know the difference
For anyone out there that haven't accepted your power
Please forgive em father, for they don't know what they do