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Artist: Magic
Album:  White Eyes
Song:   Fire
Typed by: Lil Hustle
I set this bitch on fire...
[Hook - 2x]
I set this bitch on fire
Nigga, I don't play them fucking games with ya
I set this bitch on fire
So don't make me come and get ya, and give you your fucking issue
I flip them niggaz and rip them niggaz, and tear they ass apart
Tell the truth nigga, you don't want a war
You ain't got the heart, to go against this gorilla
Grave filler, ain't nan nigga realer
I been there done that, did a dos
Now I'm back out, close your motherfucking do's
This is payback, for all them days that I was broke
And you was rapping making money, couldn't holla at your folk ha
Bitch nigga, wait till I see ya
I'm angry, and I wouldn't wanna be ya ha
Rip through your flesh, like a lion that haven't eaten
Fast like a cheetah, Roy Jones couldn't keep up
Shit, I got Charlie Manson scared of me
And lately I been feeling funny, so you better be afraid of me
Can't you see the dog, that's in my eyes
Bitch I was born to ride, until I die
[Hook - 2x]
Here comes the killer man (who), the killer man (who)
The killer man, coming for you
Well let the motherfucker come if he coming, cause I ain't running my nigga
Call Hog on the horn, tell him round up the killers
It's going down, and guess who doing the shooting
If you ain't bout this, then you better get to moving shit
I'm bout to set this bitch on fire
Any nigga say he colder, he a motherfucking liar
See I'm smart, like Einstein
Push me wrong I'm like a landmine, jammed in your behind
Boom, now your ass is blown to pieces
For fucking round, with these 9th Ward heathens
Believe me nigga, no need for pleading
You bout to leave this place, you don't feel your head bleeding
I get quicker than Bow Wow
Back up off of me nigga, you too close believe me
[Hook - 2x]
I set this bitch on fire - 2x