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Artist: Madlib
Album:  Chrome Children
Song:   Take it Back
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Keeps it poppin like West coast in '83
When we was bumpin Slave, Rick James and Lady T
My man with the East coast taste from Red Alert
Pete Rock, Marley Marl, put-tin in work
On the West we had Julio G on KDAY
Mixmaster Michael mixin more in his heyday
Rob 1 droppin shit so niggaz could break
All my real niggaz - all a nigga wanna do is get cake
All them other niggaz - all a nigga wanna do is be fake
But now - oh shit, damn I'm goin to another wake
Remember, 'bout the times in school
When we made a fool of ourselves to impress a girl, tryin to be cool
Ohh, some niggaz gettin sprung on coke
I'm like oh, young niggaz gettin sprung off {*BLAM*}
Oh shit! Some niggaz never learnin the ropes

Keep this hustling up
I'm fucking you up
Talk all that
Fuck all that
Hardcore new V.R.
Mathematic, here in Cali, rally
Dirty, I can't help it
I been an addict

[reggae voice]
Believe me! All massive an' all crew line up
They can't get we out

(Who that nigga over there man?)
Niggaz lookin over here like shit is sweet
All day mad cause a nigga said his shit is weak
Askin for a true opinion, get mad when a nigga speak
I ain't got no time for that shit, I already figure the nigga's weak
You can't even trust your own best friend or your man and them
Cause them niggaz only worry about the shit you handin them
Shit, all a nigga wanna do is get cake
All a nigga wanna do is be fake
Look around, all snakes, for heaven sakes
Buried with fake, I carry it hate, made in every state

Rock, ohh, ohh, uhh
Dilla Dawg
Ohh~! Ohh~! Dilla

Let's build on it
Vintage Cadillac with the grill fronted
Totin in the BM-Dub
Tell them players I'm the GM

[reggae voice]
Believe me! That is the wickedest sound
that player had in him then use..
Down with all massive and all crew line up
They can't get we out
When it come to championship - yes we 'ave it
And when it come to dignitary
{*speaking too fast to translate*}