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Artist: Made Men *
Album:  Classic Limited Edition
Song:   Keep it Movin'
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* formerly the Almighty RSO

We be the type that like to hang out (We like to hang out)
We like to bang out (We like to bang out)
And keep it movin (We keep it movin yo)

[Verse 1]

Its all about money, weed, gunz and drugz
Skins and thugz, fake pounds and hugs
Fast cars, penthouse sweets, eatin meat
Top of the line, ginuwine, rythme over beats
Riddin shotgun, S-class 3 thou Sedan
Benzo, playin Nintendo with my man
Flosin, spittin my game at the bar
Tropical, kickin tall, doll with a parasol
Street elegant, with a relevant style
Check the next chick, push a expo Eddie Bau
Executive jet, first class, sip the moet
Turn the hands back, 3 hours on the Rolex
East coast to West Coast return to the future
>From Boston to Cali smokin high times Buddah
Ferrar-a, 5-5-0, Maranel-o, yo Lambergini SV Coupe Deablo
Pablo, show me the stash with the cash
Or I blast, stain your pro woodframe glass
I'm prouder than 4 point zero, the pan or leer-o
Cause I can feel the heat Like De Nerio
I'm sittin in the lap of luxury
But i'm still spittin caps for thugz who be plusly livin comfortbly
Cigar handlings be Cuban
Made Men keep it movin, all the way to the conclusion


[Verse 2]

Yo, Drop the top on the whip
Hit the strip load the clip just in case them hatters want trip
Tryin to keep a low profile like parole
While i'm bumpin, Sony soround sound Makaveli
We urban Made Men, not Italian Gambino
Keep blazed, cool Jesus, Ray Bantino
Thug niggas elevatin the art of livin well
What goods a millionaire mind locked in a prison cell
Keep it movin, You know the MO, or catch a demo
On how we flip up the whole fuckin tempo
Mansion up in the hills find a mountain off the main road
You drape day, day you never wear the same clothes
Iced out medals, usually count fouls
To a hundred, up all night gettin blunted
Roll around in a 6 hundred, on 20 inch nickel
Got your wife all on my pickel
Backseat swingin heps up in my jeep
The watercraft do a world class cobra retreat
That ocean reef, waterfront on the beach
She wanna freak in a two piece, smellin on peach
Scuba divin in the blue waters of Aruba
Flowin palaces off the coast of St. Lusia, strap with aluga
Credabilty street provin, thats why i got to keep it movin