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Artist: Mack 10 f/ Jazze Pha
Album:  The Paper Route
Song:   Keep It Gangsta
Typed by: Lil Hustle

[Jazze Pha]
This is for my motherfucking gangstas
All my G's, around the world
This is for my motherfucking gangstas
All my G's, around the world

[Chorus: Jazze Pha - 2x]
Gangsta shit, gangsta shit
Gangsta shit, gangsta shit

[Mack 10]
The more guns the more roses, destroy my opposition
Never hands on, call shots in my position
We sleep niggaz, call us the dream team
West Coast kings, with the infrared beams
Try me jack my sack, I send my AK'ers
To rock your whole crew, like armadayers to your layers
Players play the game, niggaz shoulda paid up
Beefing with this young nigga, got him sprayed up
With ease I got the cheese, to spend ten G's
And tell my lil' homie, make sure he's dead when you squeeze
Niggaz can't fuck, hoo-bangers like Sopranos
Gotta keep it gangsta, so we speak with the ammo
With hustling skills, a nigga make drug deals
And those that think crack kills, I sell em ecstasy pills
Uh teflons, in the cup of my baretta
Never one shot, I leave em wetter over cheddar keep it gangsta

[Chours - 2x]

[Mack 10]
Your family making arrangements, while I set my arraignment
That there lies a nigga, that didn't know what Mack came with
When a enemy's mentioned, I never hate on him
What I do is get even, I lay low and wait on him
Straight out lay the bait out, wait until he bite
Knock his noodles on site, and disappear into the night
I go the whole nine yards nigga, walk it out
While you wanna talk it out, I be plotting to chalk it out
Niggaz suck a footer dick, to get close to me
And that's shiesty, cause that ain't how it's 'spose to be
But I can see through the Maybelene, and eye shadow
Keep my eye on the sparrow, till I hit your bone marrow
Be a young pretty nigga, that you thought was made soft
That I pay off, to blow all your fucking braids off
Had to coach him, tell him that the game don't change
Never look suspicious or strange, walk up and bomb in close range
Use you for big hits. and when you do one
Dump that heat off, and come see me to get a new one
Cause if it's on I give a fuck, I'm down for mine
And who got the most loot, who win the war every time I keep it gangsta

[Chorus - 2x]

Well that's all the fuck I hear in the streets, is Mack this Mack that
All these niggaz talking about Mack, can suck Mack's motherfucking dick
And that's on everything, half of you niggaz bitches want me
You mad about that shit, you know I'm saying
I'm having more money than you, you mad about that shit
You just can't fade me, you mad about that shit
You know I really rock all this platinum jewelry
With all this motherfucking ice everywhere, I really ride Bentleys
I live in mansions, man I mean god damn
You know I'm really keeping it gangsta homie
You know what is you doing, popping off at the motherfucking mouth
Like you tough nigga, they tell me a dog can't bark and bite at the same time
So nigga who keeping it gangsta, me or you
And to all my niggaz in the streets, that's down with Mack 1-0
And all my niggaz in the pen, y'all keep it gangsta
Keep your motherfucking foot on these busters necks, fuck em

[Chorus - 2x]