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Artist: Mack 10
Album:  The Paper Route
Song:   Hustle Game
Typed by: Lil Hustle

What's up Mack, (what's up baby dude)
Yeah dog I just wanna know bout this game, you know
(what, rap game) nah nah nigga not the-not the rap game
The dope game you know, I'm trying to get paid
With the pyrex bowls, and baking soda
How you get the whoop on it, (how you get the whoop on it)
Tell me how you got started dog, (you lil bad motherfucker check it)

[Mack 10]
It started off a fantasy, I use to daydream
Bout learning how to hustle, and work a triple beam
It seemed fucked up, I never understood
Why underprivileged niggaz, grow up in the hood
There was two choices out, and they stayed the same
Sports with all american fame, or the dope game
Come around with cash, you got jacked or extorted
We find the nice shit, and just can't afford it
Now what's the quickest way, to make a few stack
Maybe work a weed sack, and parlay the crack
It's a cold game mayn, when you hustle on your own
Had to learn how to count each gram, into a zone
And while my peers elevated, I had to do the same
So I learned how to whoop, to expand my game
Now dope coming like leaves, on the money trees falling
And the word on the streets, is Mack 1-0 balling

[Chorus - 2x]
It's the hustle game, and all I know is to hustle mayn
Motherfuck the fame, I need money to maintain
It's the hustle game, and all I know is to hustle mayn
Either do this rap thang, or slang crack cocaine

[Mack 10]
Now I'm too big for hands on, I got a solution
It's my B-D homies, running my distribution
Didn't take much schooling, before they understood
They can set up shop, on every block in the hood
I love my lil' niggaz, loaded them in the clutch
They don't want much, just pages for our clients to keep in touch
Now a federal level, thirty years is what I'm facing
Running OT operations, through the Greyhound station
Here's a tech and few K's, we big money makers
And the folks got they hand full, trying to take us
We going out like soldiers, ready for it all
Holding trial in the streets, and we ball until we fall


[Mack 10]
I use to say I wouldn't stop, until I checked a mill
And had a super bad bitch, with a house on the hill
But now I'm in the limelight, I came so far
Your nigga pushing double R's, sipping Hennessy Ricar
Avoid all haters, and po-po's this vice'd out
Look around these niggaz necks, my whole crew is iced out
Buy your whole sack, and re-cop money that's spent
Me and my niggaz hit the desert, for the main event
So I hit the strip in L-V, with the baddest hoe
Fight night at Caesar's Palace, in the front row
It's a rule, before you go see the heavyweighters
See Varoo for the tailors, and the big block gators
Don't trip lil' mama, if I'm standing right behind ya
But if you turn around and glance, the glare might blind ya
Joel the jeweler, polished now my ice till it's dripping
Notice the waitress, she partial to me cause I'm tipping
Now I'm back to the craps, rolling hundred dollar yo's
With enough left to look out my friends, and murder my foes
It's only there thangs in life, you need when you rich
Real homies big guns, and a down ass bitch

[Chorus - 2x]

Yeah Mack, you know I ain't gotta hustle to maintain
I gotta get money, so you could front a nigga a sack you know I'm saying
(front you a sack, what you had me into with your daddy and every damn thang)
Man pop's ain't gotta know nothing, I don't tell him ery'thang man
(you tell him you got some head on tour), ha
But on the real though you could just front me a half a bird
He ain't gotta know nothing, (yeah get your lil' bad ass outta here nigga)
(what you know about a half a bird), I'm just trying to ball playa