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Artist: Mack 10 
Album:  Based on a True Story *
Song:   Dopeman

* this song also appears on "In Tha Beginning... There Was Rap"

What's up dog? 
What you need nigga?
Aw shit one time!

It was once said by a man who couldn't quit
Dopeman please can I have another hit
The Dopeman said cluck i don't give shit
If you girl kneel down, and suck my dick
Gave a nigga head, and homie tried to choke her
but he didnt care, cause she aint nothing but a smoker
Thats the way it go, thats the name of the game
Young niggas gettin over by slangin caine
Lex around my wrist in 18K heaven
Bitches clockin on my dick twenty four seven
Plus I'm makin' money, keepin baseheads waitin
Roll the six four with all gold Daytons
Live in Inglewood, California, CA.
This oozy up your ass if i dont get paid
Niggas beggin for credit, I'm knockin out teeth
Clockin much dollars on the first and fifteenth
Big wad a money, nothing less than a twenty
Yo you wanna whole chicken, Mack 10 got plenty
To be a dopeman, boy you must qualify
Dont get high off your own supply
From a Key to a G, Its all about money
Ten piece for a ten, base pipe come free 
If people out there not hip to the fact
If you see somebody gettin money for crack
Hes the..

Dopeman, Dopeman (Mack front me a sack)
Dopeman, Dopeman (I'll get ya back)
Dopeman, Dopeman (tryna stack me a grip)
Dopeman, Dopeman (Man fuck that shit)

You need a nigga with money, so you get a Dopeman
Juice that fool for as much as you can
She like his car, and he get with her
Got a black eye, Cause the Dopeman hit her
Let that slide, and you pay it no mine
Find that hes slappin you all the time
But thats okay,  cause hes so rich
And you ain't nothing but the Dopeman's bitch
Do what he say, and you keep your mouth shut
Talkin' that drag might get ya fucked up
You sit and cry, If the Dopeman strike you
He don't give a fuck, he got two just like you
There's another girl in the Dopeman's life
Not quite a bitch, but far from a wife
She call a Strawberry, and everyone knows....
Strawberry, Strawberry is the neighborhood hoe
Do anything for a hit or two, give a bitch a rock
She fuck the whole damn crew
It might be your wife and it might make you sick
Come home and see her mouth on the Dopeman's dick
Strawberry, just look and you'll see her
But don't fuck around, she'll give you Ghonorea
If people out there, not hip to the fact
Strawberry is a girl, sellin pussy for crack
to the..

Dopeman, Dopeman (From a ounce to a key)
Dopeman, Dopeman (Tryna get this chesse)
Dopeman, Dopeman (Cluckers riding my dick)
Dopeman, Dopeman (Man fuck that shit)

If you smoke caine, you a stupid motherfucker
Know around the hood as the schoolyard clucker
Doing that crack with all the money you got
On your hands and knees searchin for a piece of rock
Fienin for a hit, and you lookin for more
Done stole a Alpine out of Wavy six four
Smokin like a train, man I wouldn't want to be you
Done took from the homies, betta run, when i see you
Ballin everyday, doing more drug deals
Rollin' round town, on the twenty inch wheels
If people out there, not hip to the fact
if you see Mack 10, you can ask me for crack
I'm the...

Dopeman, Dopeman (Yeah thats me)
Dopeman, Dopeman (From a ounce to a key)
Dopeman, Dopeman (Yo fuck that shit, who am I)
The Dopeman

Mack 10, nigga, you must be slick
Put Squeak on the team, now he stackin chips
Good lookin out, for showin love
Now I got bitches on my dick cause im flossin dubs