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Artist: Mac Miller
Album:  The Jukebox - Prelude to Class Clown (Mixtape)
Song:   Keep Me Alive
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Homie I remember everything
Every single blunt lit
Me and my homies we was all up on that dumb shit
Hittin' that one lick
Gettin' us dumb rich
Bein' extra sneaky not leavin' thumb prints
There was little Mac killin' packs of fun dip
And my people that been with us since the young kid
Gettin' caught by my pops blowin' haze
..smokin' blunts from my younger through my older days
Nothin' goes to waste
Not a day was smashed
There was doe to make
And we was makin' cash
Bangin' rap till the neighbors called the cops
Beatin' dudes up throwin' mollywops
Some people say that I'm all just talk
But I'll tell you everything about the block I walked
I wasn't cookin' pot, I wasn't tokin' guns
But I was lookin' high, stayin' smokin' blunts
Yeah I stole a little bit boy nothin' was cheap
Santa stayed puttin' that coal under my tree
And this is peace to my people and peace to my enemies
But nothin' keeps me alive like my memories..

You make me feel alive, "These memories keep me alive"
You are my highest light, "These memories keepin' me high"
You make me feel alive, "These memories keep me alive"
You are my highest light, "These memories keepin' me high"

But lets get back to the good ones
We was just chasin' some women
Runnin' the game before we playin' an inning
Now we need that cake to the ceiling
Cook in the kitchen
But these, haters is grillin' fill the place up with villains
Cause we all just chillin' now
Got the illest crowed
Raisin' the roof, uh, breakin' the ceiling down
I'm iller now then when yall first heard me
Peace to the people who listened past the first week
And there's a lot of yall
So let me take a vow
This to memories
The drinks is on the house
We came a long damn way from sittin' on the couch
Peace to all my honies that was takin' off their blouse
You'll miss me when I'm out
Don't leave me when I'm gone
You hatin' fourty-year-olds I'm peein' on your lawn
I treat you like a jon
The way I treat a beat
This ain't everything, but I'll let you sneak a peak