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Artist: Mac Miller
Album:  The High Life (Mixtape)
Song:   One of a Kind
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

I Ain't Nothing Else Like Me

I ain't nothing like you so what is going on?
It must be something wrong you'll love me when I'm gone
I'm going keep on doing me
cause you don't' matter and you just an actor and I ain't just a rapper
(I'm One Of A Kind [x4])

[Verse 1]
Here's a prototype that I know you like (right)
headed to the light on over night flight
never in your life you going see another me
I tend catch the eye like a pair of double D's
I'm near not the same, a pioneer
Stabbed the game in the heart with a giant spree
trying to see success god damn it's clear the time
shine like a chandelier I'm going through this case
Spitting about what to relate too never could you duplicate
any of the music made getting super paid
looking at our future store recognizing me
when I past them in a moving car
always worried about finding out who you are
you know somebody you got look into his heart
yo mind so blind I'm ahead of my time (I'm One Of A Kind [x2])


[Verse 2]
My pops said young man you ain't ready for the world
ahead way too much marijuana always have girls
in the bed; you going realize life ain't a party
fuck around you going end up starvin
fuck I stay fly live free die hard no Bruce Willis
this the whole nine yard thought that I can rhyme bars
go and buy cars you gotta grind hard one the sun rise start
and my heart great things in my future cause broke rappers (shit)
that's just a rumor
I see the diamond chain
mansion in the videos they must got silly dough
do they really? or is it all just a scheme for your eyes (for your eyes)
PR are you in disguise god damn I can't decide
all the words here come from a mind got nothing to hide boy
I'm One Of A Kind

Walking through this world I just take a look around (around)
ain't nobody here like me don't nobody got my style
people say I'm different I sure you that's okay (that's okay)
Cause I'm way past tomorrow and you stuck in today!