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Artist: Mac Miller
Album:  Faces (Mixtape)
Song:   Inside Outside
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Yeah, yeah
Shoulda died already
I shoulda died already, shit
I shoulda died already
Came in, I was high already
Everybody trippin' and my mind ain't steady
From my sin, shoulda been crucified already
Why the fuck you need me?
Don't you know how to fly already?
Try and tell you that it ain't real
Tell 'em, find that Yeti
Oh, motherfucker!
And it all go down right now
I never been so ready
All my homies philosophers
Yea, all my homies philosophers
Now I don't need nobody, I would love somebody though
Don't you ever get it fucked up
Everybody wanna be God
Beside God, he wanna be like us
We never sleep too much, beat that pussy up
She gonna need that trust
Never see me on the street too much but
On the inside, I'm outside, all the time
Tryna stay away from that electric shock
That electric shock, I'm outside