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Artist: Mac Miller f/ Ariana Grande
Album:  The Divine Feminine
Song:   My Favorite Part
Typed by: Cedmaster3K
[Intro: Ariana Grande]
Don't know why thinking of him makes me smile
[Chorus: Mac Miller]
Said, you just don't know how beautiful you are
And baby that's my favorite part
You walk around so clueless to it all
Like nobody gonna break your heart
It'll be alright, babe, see me, I got you covered
I'm gon' be your lover, you might be the one
If it's only tonight, ayy, we don't need to worry
We ain't in a hurry, rushin' into love
[Mac Miller]
Said, you know I know who you really are
Ain't need to lie
Said, the universe couldn't keep us apart
Why would it even try?
Yeah, said, don't let them hurt you ever, I know you far too smart
Before things come together, they have to fall apart
It's been a while since I've been sober, this life can be so hard
I'd rather talk about you
[Chorus] w/ Ariana Grande singing along the second half only
[Ariana Grande]
If you wanna stay, we're takin' it slow baby
Cause you and me and I, got enough on my mind
But I can make some time for something so divine, ahhh
[Chorus] w/ Ariana Grande singing along