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Artist: Mac Miller
Album:  Blue Slide Park
Song:   Party on Fifth Ave.
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I think I see where you're goin with this one E
Hey, hey

[Mac Miller]
Been around the world and back, yeah I did that
Still kick raps in cars and packs, so where's my kids at?
These motherfuckers hatin sounded funnier than Sinbad
I'm ill as the pills that they give you when you collapse
This, that, the other, kiss your mother with that mouth?
We the assholes that she warned you about
We just storm in your house, open doors through a cloud
Got an assortment of styles, just be sure that it's wild
6:30 in the mornin and there still ain't signs of slowin down
Twin sisters gettin wasted so they both are down
It's goin down, I thought I told you man
If you tryin to party let me see you raise your hand

There's a party on Fifth Ave. (a party on Fifth Ave.)
Hit me if you tryin to go (hit me if you tryin to go)
I can be there in like 20
I'mma hump it and come runnin, cause we gotta hit the road
Make you sure you gotta
Clean shirt, clean pants, new shoes
We're just about there you choose
We're at the party on Fifth Ave. tonight
And that's what I'm tryin to do

[Mac Miller]
Hey, what's the difference between me and you?
When no one believe in you, I'm flyer than Beetlejuice
Don't count on the sheep to snooze
I'm fucked up off weed and booze
I party and sleep 'til noon, what every day people do
Give me a week or two
See when you read the news my bitches don't sleep till noon
My rhyme time is why, my album is fly
Your favorite record, you gonna put it aside
This that old school shit soundin good in the ride
And fuck ten I'm only countin to nine
Said this that old school shit, soundin good in the ride
Said let's head out to the party I'll drive


[Mac Miller]
What's goin on? There's a party
Hope the neighbors don't mind us gettin loud
Homies to the left, all the ladies to the right
We came to get down, we gonna do that now
My light up shoes on, my light up shoes on, my light up shoes on
They love the way my kicks flash
This ain't a time to just sit back
Cause, there's a party on Fifth Ave.