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Artist: Michael Barber
Album:  Motion Picture Mayhem 2
Song:   Standing in the Rain
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It ain't always umbrellas in the rain
It ain't always umbrellas in the rain

It ain't always umbrellas in the rain
It ain't always umbrellas in the rain

[Verse 1]
Welcome you've just entered my life
as I re-tell it on the mic
see you get the flashes
but I see the brights
I'm outside, so tell me
what do you want me to rap about
My pain, my depression
my anger and agression
or these pills that I should be taking
or the ones that I am
and let me tell you what I can't stand
How your favorite rapper has five ghostwriters
He does pop art, a pop tart, let em get the toaster
but let me just chill and hold my composure
Cause he probably sold five mill...
and I'm trying to sell my CD for five bills
so I can retire and get a crib in the hills
get a pile of pills and hit exile with thrills
Cause I been walking with no umbrella for way to long
with rihanna just singing that song
cause I ain't got no fucking umbrella
naw, I ain't got no fucking umbrella
ella, ella, ella


[Verse 2]
Now imagine if I was you and you was me
living this hip hop dream with a movie theme
an artist trying to draw attention
spit rhymes sick as salmonella
walking with no umbrella
just spitting my accapella
standing in the rain
rapping to the rain drops and snare kicks
thunder, lightening, when the air hits
sometimes I don't care shit
try being a starving artist
got food for thought
but nothing to eat
you couldn't walk a mile in the pair on my feet
size 10 but you ain't fitting
it's fitting,
now I'm Universal everybody wants to reach out
what about when I was broke and doing coke?
I was still rapping back then
So ya see me solo standing in the storm
don't say hello, I'm about to transform
and swarm, like a beehive
might lose the fight, but when the war
and I'm in a war, battle rap
that's why I don't battle rap


Snippet of Cool Hand Luke