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Artist: Lordz of Brooklyn
Album:  All in the Family
Song:   Under the Boardwalk
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"You see, everybody knew that if you fucked around with one of the Lordz of
Brooklyn, you'd be taken a one way ride to Phoney Island
And chances were, you weren't coming back."

[Scotty Edge]
Shake them down, take them down with the wood Louisville
Out the hood Coupe De Ville
"Lordz of Brooklyn get ill"
Like Machine Gun Kelly blow them up like a mortar
The Lordz give the order you'll be floating in the water
I rub them out I bump them off I paying off the rookies
Doing numbers on the daily like the neighbourhood bookie
It's the button man they call me Bugs Moran
Edge the Brooklyn knight
Yo I put them on ice
I said I blast two fools plaster their shoes
Make youz an offer that youz can't refuse
Take them to the boardwalk and throw them in the sea
Send the fish in the mail if you fuck with LOB

[Chorus X 2]
Under the Boardwalk  Is where the body was found
Under the Boardwalk  Is where it lay facedown
Under the Boardwalk  Is where they're floating around
New York, New York  its one hell of a town

Yo, you just scored a double so roll again
Cause your good frigging life is about to end
When you mess with a Lord, you pulled the wrong card
You the Reading Railroad straight from the yard
And landed on the Boardwalk damn you're fucked
Yo, I'll tell you right now you're shit out of luck
You're all washed up sinking in the sand
Drowning' in the surf catching dead man's tan
With the weapon in my hand life as a thug
Smelled the cotton candy on the day you got robbed
So don't make me laugh Pizon I'm just smiling'
I got a favourite spot down a pier on Coney Island
Under the boardwalk down by the sea
You really wanna snitch on an L.O.B?

[Chorus X 2 ]

I'm the king of the hill I'm the A number one
The stranger in the night I'll break your legs for fun (Ha Ha Ha)
The Kaves, is crooning for them suckers that crossed me
So I busted out my  style like I'm fucking Bing Crosby
( Doo bee, Doo Bee, Doo Bee, Dooo)
It's the Lordz
cheap wine, crap games, and a bunch a fine broads you know
Broads, dames, them chicks they play me kooky
Punks place your bets cause Kaves is the bookie
The loan shark the vig I'm gonna take your life
The ladies call me Mack the Knife
When the shark bites - with those teeth you know you got beef

[Chorus X 4]

That's right
New York
Right in your face

Shake em' down
Take em' down
Shake em' down, take em' down