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Artist: Lordz of Brooklyn
Album:  All in the Family
Song:   Saturday Nite Fever
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[Scotty Edge]
Well it's Brooklyn Bums
Well it's the dirty birds
Well it's the Lordz of Brooklyn won't go back on our words
Cause' we're pissing on the curbs, dishing out the dirt
Yo! someone's got to shout out to Bensonhurst
Ray Ridge Lordz rule
I might lose my cool
in a bar room brawl
and beat them down with a stool
I'm drunk it hit my head
I'm pissed I'm turning red
Well it's the Lordz of Brooklyn
if you fuck around you're dead
E to the D to the G the E
Like the loans shark's muscle
(Admoney) "Yo, I'll bust your freakin' knee!"
With a bat or a pipe
In my parish that's a fight
Yo, you caught the Brooklyn fever on a Saturday night.

[Chorus by Admoney]
Come on!
It's a Saturday night
Come On!
It's a Saturday Night
Come on!
It's a Saturday night
So bring your boys and your bats cause it's a bar fight

Ayeoo! Kick off your shoes, jump off the rock
It's the crazy white boy from a Brooklyn block
Standing on the corner drinking cheap wine
It's a Saturday night, yo, let's all get high
Puffing on the blunts and sipping on the brews
Mess with LOB!
Punk! Yo! You lose
I'm out getting drunk, writing on the walls
Step to ADM If you got the balls
I come full fisted swinging the bat
So tell me right now man
Who's the mack?
I'm in my Cadillac, running red lights
The cops on my tail
It's a Saturday night..

Come On!
It's a Saturday night (X 3)
So bring your hoes and blades cause it's a bar fight..

I got the Saturday Night fever, word to mama mia
It's that crazy L.O.Bia, yo It's my pizzeria
Connected like Sinatra
The phantom of the opera
The turnstile hopper
[Admoney "Fuck those coppers"
Got the Dean Martin style
[Dino Botz: "Woo doo bee doo"
I got the drunken flow
"From the Budweiser brew"(Dino Botz)
Swinging on the cable Like I'm Tony Manaro
The ginny gang plank is the Verrazzano
Like Lucky Luciano with the tommy gun
I never leave the body till the job is done
Won't be late for dinner, cause I'm mommy's son
And like my Pop said never turn and run

[Scotty Edge]
Just leave them laid out, lights out
kissing on the pavement
Well it's the Edge One, ADM, and the Kaves
and Paulie Two Time, and my man Dino Botz
And we're the Lordz of Brooklyn and we ain't got gotz..