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Artist: Lordz of Brooklyn
Album:  All in the Family
Song:   Pull Your Card
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[Verse One: performed by Kaves]
Black Jack, Black Jack Mack the Knife is at the table
Someone raised the anti and the Lordz switched the label
Too many jokers with the poker face
The Kaves will raise you one
I'll bet your life on the stakes
I paid my dues so the odds are in my favor
And if you come out bluffin' I got three bullets in the chamber
One for every A&R who tried to rob me
I ain't your bitch so why you try to slob me
And take me out like your one night ho
But now I get paid cause Rick says so

[performed by Scotty Edge]
Blood is thicker than water, water's thinner than blood
We're playin' five card stud in the neighborhood club
Untouchable like Malone
Yo I stick with my own
I said payback's a bitch when you're caught out there alone
It's good night Irene
I got a dollar and a dream
We're the Lordz from the county of the kings not the queens
We saw it from the start we saw the deck marked
I said I'm lost out at sea with some A&R sharks
Like 52 pick-up we're up in the air
But the Lordz are aware we're alone like solitaire

Yo you think you're hard
Yo we'll pull your card
Yo you think you're tuff
Yo we'll call your bluff

Yo you think you're hard
Yo we'll pull your card
Yo you think you're tuff
Yo your ass will get snuffed

[Verse Two: performed by Paulie Two Times]
Yo I got no heart when I start my collections, collections
You pay protection, protection
I make connections, make a call to my boss
Firebomb for insurance Yo I write the shit off
I be the ace in the hole, hole jokers are wild, wild
Call it high or low, low Yo you never see me smile
Cause I keep a straight face Yo you never see me flushed
Lordz of Brooklyn full house we take the pot never bust

[performed by Kaves]
Yo I'll make a phone call and all of youze be takin' care of
It's the Lordz of Brooklyn and we're wanted by the sheriff
Slap shottin' punks like the Rangers playin' hockey
It's Kaves the dego and my favorite movie's Rocky
My crime is organized so you punks don't sweat it
Watch me flip the script and bust out the Tony Bennett

[performed by Dino Botz]
Luck be the lady tonight, please be my lady
Don't leave my side cause I'm the fella you came in with
Luck be the lady tonight

[performed by ADMoney]
Yo I got somethin' in my freegin' pocket, watch it
It's fun and games to my crew just drops it
We're leavin' sucker punks knocked out on the gutter
What's a matter muthafucka Yo I didn't stutter
Like Doc Holiday Yo I never lose
I got a bitch on each arm stikin' like cheap booze
With the slide of the hand Yo I pulled your card
Fuck them A&R's they're gonna get scarred
I'm a real outlaw real McCoy
Step to my boys I'm gonna reign on you little toys
Here to bring the end to the vibes in the past
It's the Ad freegin' money and I'm comin' full blast