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Artist: Lootpack 
Album:  Soundpieces: Da Antidote!
Song:   Stylewild
Typed by: (with help from liner notes)

[Wild Child]
My main focus, bust up your cerrebelum at a hella rate
First tell 'em wait
You're not gonna see me kick 30 freestyles rhymes
And watch your ass regenerate, lines I rejuvenate
I'll elevate my levels of thinking brothers can't even tell they're fate
Well let's wait
Freestyle rhymes starts to accelerate
I'll step back in a B-boy stance, style starts to innovate
Seventy five percent of signed niggas can't participate
Wait for the right time to rain on niggas, come and precipitate
Damn I hate, two faced brothers always agitate
First thought, place your head on a mantle
And watch it decapitate...