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Artist: Lootpack
Album:  Lost Tapes
Song:   I Declare War
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Check it out y'all
94 and the loot pack is in the house
I be the Madlib the bad kid
Got my man J the Wildchild he's in the house
Oh No and his partner Medaphor
Got my mans dj romes cause he's good to go
Got my mans Can't Kick over there with the dread nappy hair
It goes like this y'all
Ah Rock, rock, rock on
Rock, Rock, rock, rock, rock on
Check it out check it out yo

I be the vocabulary adversary
Commentary out my area
My undersclaim bang shim shareef
The beat heard of Madlib
We murder whack kids
A lot ah boulder collar got ta rock the Bambaataa
Gotta lotta skills as smarter smaller than emmett otter
If the sun and the moon come together
Hot whether or not
I'm clever I got
The ill skits when I endeavor
Wreck shop and run the ill pop's
Busted abstractions
But the fractions the multiplication rock the nation
Like Haitian
I'm rushin through your station
Ace in the whole
I got the soul
Roll through your car soul
On the go
Dollars that fold
Now roll through your console
Hand bags and glad rags sag
Like my pants drag
Ya body tightens up and then echo's like I'm some cut throat
The slurred word professor
Plus the ill loot majesta
Like aunt ester address her
Cause I'm the fresha bright mic tester
So therefore, my illiterate techniques sneak upon emcees that be weak
My off type lingo return for the killing
Crazy like David from Wacco
Yo I'm here to rape foes
Ego's and high standards
I be droppin bombs from here to Vietnam
I'm on the track to show the wax be wrong
I'm dimming
The lights and for the women
I be in them
In fact many are standing because my flows are sending
My tapes you caught the vapors
Evaporate sucka's
My skills be the illest capers
On the mic I been raped ya
Long range strange versus come through the windpipe
Day and night
Twenty four hour styles be now in sight
But invite whack emcees through membrane
Focus on talents
Balance my waves
Continue as flav
On my display
Lyrical scripture
Venture rhymes Un sit cha
Here's a picture
Off type flow that hit cha, dit cha
Disappear wit cha
Equalize my variety
Destruction of my vocab makes a menace to society
So in my inner sanctum
I make sure hard core ships 'll kid um
Is in for WAR

I'm not Spanish speaking
Ya vanish when this man is freakin
Ya friend was leakin
He barely understood this weekend
The comprehension or his interpretation
His perspiration
Made me want to hurt the nation
Of whack emcees in
With the flows that I'm exposing
Rather composing
Blows up like my names explosion
Lets speak extortion
When I possess this mic extension
Oh I forgot to mention
I rock this style with forcing
For the time being something simple from the temple
Excuse me palace
Never had a callus
Now lets
Get deep
My malice
Is for ya
Rock the mic with intention of Conan the Destroyer
Your gonna have to suffer consequences while I'm on some missions
Can you stand the pain when I'm giving ya New Edition's
I rock the ill mad techniques that means
When I'm mad I freak
Feeling glad this week because I had to seek
Out non on the spot
Dropping styles from the top
I shut you off quicker than the clapper

When in the millionth I've deal and lyrical villain
be illin skills and techniques freaks the track
I drops the boulders
All my peeps are obsolete the feet folds
Its oil that's upon your fro's
I watch shows to bank rolls
Lyrical war stories behold
Behold my wifes execution
To make sure my money will grow
Mass confusion give delusion
Through your crew and fullmore
Infinities styles to my format
Death defying expedit vocab will end the whack drack
Trapped up in this hip hop mirror 	
Addicted to vicked whack brothas who down wit g funk
Or something whack emcees invented
I'm in it to win it
Ships of kid um
Medaphor representing true hip hop
Mad emcees drop all the killin
I place my locals on the lock
Cause I'm down for the cause
I balls emcees zone causing your falls no straws I'm fatter and grabbing your skull
I pull upon the microphone yo
Can't handle my lyrical cat nip will stomp
Mad brotha's out from ballistical warfare's
Cause I declare war