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Artist: Lootpack
Album:  Lost Tapes
Song:   Get Whack
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I bet y'all really don't know nothing bout this
Straight from the west we the CDP area
Declaime on the mic stand to burry ya
Brotha's taking care of ya 	
We gonna hittin off like this
Declaime hittin off like this

I'm sharp wit it shatter sharp tongue simple minded snake type nigga
Since I ascend up and above the law
My swarm is the flouriest when I descend all the way through the under lands
Excavating couldn't trace it
Selling everyday defacing whack on the way
9021 hoe's are not needed
Challengers all get seeded
When I enter this arena made for lyrical attack
Just made a style sword made of facts
Death to the one who lax and know how to attract
Hard earned respect
I shall keep all who oppose
I will keep killin shaq

Dee hittin off wit that ill minded rap like this

I stands clear out the way of the industry's phonies
If the let me peep
Just walk if they show me
I bring a cease to a bad situation
Beyond belief I'm here to teach
Lessons to the weak
Not talking finer arts but higher arts
I must run laps
At my peak my apex allows me to seek
All who envy's me
If ya blind I'll make ya see my point of view
For the few of you thought that they could get through
Declaime's here to teach you
Not how to west a rhyme
With space age lines
Or complicated rhymes cause I want y'all to see
When I coming
So you know that I ain't running away
Trying to seek a safe shelter from this lyrical attack
Never will get whack
Skills I never lack

Lets all gather and have a laugh at the ones in the past that fell off
Getting ass
Lets have a laugh with the real that set the standards and showed all the deal
Every rapper has his mothers clear only a few have a year
Speak ably unique I'm in my own atmosphere
Uplift to get the rhyme with no rehearsal
I hurt those
Ones with the no flow
D day is here again you better tell a friend
Wit my eyes closed I still can defend
My position unmovable because of irrigation
I do it with the mic and no tek
Until you fall back