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Artist: Leaders of the New School
Album:  A Future Without a Past
Song:   Sobb Story
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[Busta Rhymes]
Remember the days when I was walking and talking
Doing what I gotta do (doing what we wanna do)
Off into my walkathon missions (why?)
Cause the brothers that I knew with the rides drove by
Only nice in the days looking down the road
Seeing beautiful girls with their car loads
Yeah, yeah, yeah they were screaming I wish I had a little ride of my own
but since I don't this is my sobb story
My missions will continue as I keep on stalking
Stamina was dying from the constant walking
Right before the moment I began to call to my man Riddle
Who had a sunroof and all
I thought he would of noticed my dying
Where the other that beeped and kept driving
Now in my heart they do a big hole
Cause my little, little, little toe started rubbing on my insole
It was a fidgety burning then I said wait I got pride
Its time to get my own ride (word)
I came up with a scheme and got paid
I had no other choice but going down with the trade
When I got my transport I got kind of stingier
Cause I got my cherry Pathfinder
Now I'm feeling good cause' I'm off my feet
Man the little squally dogs running up on the street
And I'm saying
My name is Sharina (My name is Busta)
My name is Tonya (My name is Busta)
My name is Diana (My name is Busta)
Now what do you take me for the little local pushover
No shame in my game cause' that's how I got dissed
Now when I return the favor everybody gets pissed
And now I am the man filled with all the glory
And when you rise down and gone just remember that

[Chorus 2x]
I know you and you know me
I know you and you know me
I know you and you know me
It's the sobb story, the sobb story

[Charlie Brown]
Red light, green light 1,2,3
Here comes the hop along kid Charlie B.
Constantly moving with my walkman kicking
My bunions are crying beaving, picking
Please, please get into the vehicle
I stop at David's Ave
Thinking I'll see a cool brother to give me a ride
(Sorry Charlie) was the comment replied
I didn't forget about the girl in the sidekick
?But rub the wrong system and the spoiler kids?
She drived by with the posse
Oh-ah, oh-ah, oh-ah (hey Charlie Brown, where's your car?)
Well I had to purchase to get, the smoke from the rubber
Up to my neck
Girl wear Gucci and their friends wear Fendi
Wont allow a walker to get friendly
Just a beep-beep and occasional wave
The tables turn and now she got played
Lunch time Marty and Deon
Johnny Guels, Giggles, Troy, and Dequan
Sitting and waiting for a ride to Mickey D's
I stack by the crackerjack just to leave
Stress is a mess, I decided to work
But its hard to work when you're boss is a jerk
I swept floors with my amigos Dinco D, Milo
And Busta Rhymes, rag top, kick rocks
Who's the clown? Golow Brown who's the clown
Remember the

[Chorus 1x]
I know you and you know me
I know you and you know me
I know you and you know me
It's the sobb story, the sobb story

[Dinco D]
Now I remember Rob when he first got his sobb
Didn't have a job and his car was a mob
But brothers he never knew from jack
When his car went (flat) they wouldn't (jack)
And when his car was in the shop they wouldn't stop
(by) to even say hi or the reply but back came Rob
with the same old game (yo what's up do ya'll wanna hang?)
yeah sure they say on the quick fast
(by the way anybody got money for gas?)
nah not me (I don't) (don't ask) (I got it come on)
(watch out we gonna crash) bro wait now Rob just
walking like me the D the end O in the middle INC
some say envy I say on empty and now he just walking
my sobb story

[Chorus 2x]
I know you and you know me
I know you and you know me
I know you and you know me
It's the sobb story, the sobb story