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Artist: The Lonely Island
Album:  Turtleneck & Chain
Song:   We're Back!
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[Intro: Jorm]
Aiyyo, new Lonely Island!
2011, let's get 'em, Kiv!

Aiyyo, my dick don't work, that shit is soft as a pillow
My girlie lookin at me like, "You f'real dude?"

[Interlude: Jorm]
Aiyyo, hold up, hold up! We gotta come harder than that
Yo, tell 'em Andy!

I think there might be somethin wrong with my dick
It's like a melted stick of butter, so soft that it can't fill a rubber

[Interlude: Jorm]
Aiyyo, c'mon man! This is Lonely Island!
People are countin on us, I gotta run on these motherfuckers myself

Aiyyo, I think I broke my dick in the sink
It's so small and ugly, all smashed and flat like it was playin rugby

[Interlude: Jorm]
Hold up! Hold up! This is serious
Kiv, let 'em know!

Yo, f'real though, I suffer from stinky dick
Everytime I take a piss, it smells just like shit

[Interlude: Jorm]
Ha ha, yeah~! That's what I'm talkin 'bout
Andy, show 'em how it's done!

My dick looks like the fat that you cut off a steak
Smashed-in like my balls went and stepped on a rake

[Interlude: Jorm]
Lonely Island! Grammy-nominated!
YEAAAAH, hit 'em again!

Yo, straight out the box with my soggy little shrimp
I was a 8-year old girl before the doctor found my dick

[Interlude: Jorm]
We make too much money for this shit! Murder music!

I shit the bed, 'cause my dick played a prank on my butt
Straight crept when I slept and stuck a laxative up

[Interlude: Jorm]
Suppository music! Whatchy'all know about incontinence?

I got Hepatitis C from a horse, but no confusion
It wasn't from the sex, it was a blood transfusion

[Interlude: Jorm]
WHAT?! Motherfucker got HORSE blood! WHAT Y'ALL GOT?!!

I write freaky fan fiction where cartoons fuck
Got CGI Garfield lickin Marmaduke's nuts

[Interlude: Jorm]
WHOO!! I would like to see that!! This that Garfield sex music!
Now y'all just showin off! Preach!

I got a friend named Reggie who lives down at the dump
Every other week, I swing by and bring him some lunch

[Outro: Jorm]
OHHHH~! Now that just sounds nice! I'ma call it right there!
Game OVER, motherfuckers! Lonely Island!
We started this fake rap shit!! THE WORLD NEEDS US!!!