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Artist: Lone Ninja 
Album:  Trapdoors & Secret Passageways
Song:   Warpath
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Yo Lone is raw, sound the war drums
Opponents fall down as sword swung		
Awesome, kneel and honor me
More guns,in the armory			
Frightening horror, strike your armor plate
Crisis, slaughter, I will formulate		
Surviving, I never lose, I'm Ivan 
The terrible, a titan, a general
The most high supreme commander
Some foes tried to flee from capture 		
You'll meet disaster, destruction and ruin
Your fleet is battered, no luck for the humans		
Yo heed risk, the eclipse is black
Lone creep swift, strategic attack
Sea ships, are sent to the battle
I leave mist, and entered the shadows 	
Death in the gallows, the best
With the arrows, the devilish jackal		
Venomous, sever, slit necks
Measure risk, terrorist threat		
You had to learn, pierce on warpath
The anger burns, fierce as Lord's wrath 		
Drop zone, sun and sky
Your spot's blown, run and hide
Watch Lone come alive