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Artist: Lone Ninja 
Album:  Rogue Agent
Song:   Tokyo Storm
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Stab with sharpened hand-held blades, I'm the darkest
Have hell's rage, any target I assail is slayed		
Sergeant with the twelve guage, charging
As I trail prey, lock you in a cell cage			
Sever, raid the most rugged
Renegade, I'm cold blooded			
Foes hunted, bruise and I cut and slash
Roads flooded, move on a hovercraft		
Punish bad, bring massive pain
Summon wrath, it's savage reign			
Havoc came with a devastating blow
Cannons aimed and they detonate, explode
Agent rogue, heart of lion
The hardest titan in the art of fighting			
As I entered the tournament, battle dressed 
With the ornaments, smash contenders they torn to bits	
Enormous risk if you step out of line
I brawl with fists and possess callous mind		
Traitors back pedal, when
I gain a MAX level, then I may attack devils	
Slaughter violently, with the Sword 
Of Dynasty, Ninja stalk ya silently	
Faster and very swift, dodge your darts
Master of deadliest martial art