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Artist: Lone Ninja 
Album:  Rogue Agent
Song:   Show of Might
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[Verse 1]
Black water op, have corner shot
Attack, slaughter, blast armor
Not gonna stop, call the SWAT team
You sure I'm not mean? Unorthodox
Torture, chop, goners got creamed		
Can't dodge the dot beam, bomber rocked scene
Draw the glock, border blocked, stalker not seen		
Form a plot, scheme, born to shock league
It's horror ahk, for the guap, aura's obscene			
I come through on your sector with pure stealth
You crumble under pressure and sought help			
Fall back or else, it's warpath 
On health, I fought back, yall knelt	
Your heart melts as you see me capture throne
The darts dealt, I completely shatter zones	
Cryptic mannerisms, mystic 
Hand positions, clips with ammunition		

[Verse 2]
I'm ready charge, kill and siege
with heavy artillery, it's deadly arms synergy	
Bury your infantry, it's eerie
Spawn misery, I cheer upon victory		
Who wan intervene? I'm foul and grungy
you power hungry, but cower humbly		
I'm a nuclear holocaust, shoot 
Through your guarded fort, move with a hostile force	
No days unalert, foes slayed 
Hunter lurks, don't play I'm beserk		
Host raids I'm the worst, you have to bleed
Hope fades, chopper search for casualties		
Military posture, deploy troops
The visionary conquers, destroy booth			
Wore a black mask, sword'll
Hack, slash, you saw the backlash