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Artist: Lone Ninja 
Album:  Rogue Agent
Song:   Poison Dust
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[Verse 1]
I smash the gate, my savage trait will shock
The hordes, the anger, hate
Contaminates and rots whats pure		
Evacuate, I'm slashing great I chop
With sword, decapitate,
Assassinate the hostile lord			
Activated rockets soar, tore clouds
Bash your face and watch the gore pour down				
You wore crown, but I'll overthrow your throne	
It's war now, I'm the soldier known as Lone			
Leave foes with broken bones, shattered dreams
The hopeless moan and groan, I'm bad and mean				
The Missiles blast perimeter, ninjitsu 
Practitioner, will cripple and finish ya			
The mad pillager in the den of thieves
I'm half sinister, Descend and siege				
Control patience and spy with precision
The rogue agent's assigned to the mission				

[Verse 2]
Slaughter excellent and frequently
Causing detriment you're weak in knees 
Preserve element of secrecy					
Raid with bombs and such, slay 
The populous and remain anonymous					
Invade, conquer, crush, the pain 
Is harsh and rough, I'm heinous, Barbarous					
Evade, dodge and duck grenades pop and bust
Your lame squadron snuffed, Ninja's wrath is deadly
Emerge from mist, hinder adversaries, I'm merciless						
Turbulence at the white phoenix castle
Fight grievous battle  as I leave the shadows					
The cruelest man in Feudal Japan
Duel with your clan for the jewel of the land				
Brutal with hands destroy, destruct
Ruin your plans with poison dust