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Artist: Lone Ninja 
Album:  Rogue Agent
Song:   Mainframe
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[Verse 1]
The fists clobber, the six million dollar man
Inflict trauma in big steel armored van		
Bring sick horror, it gets real, squads are damned		
Warn your clan the missiles harm ya, blam
Conquered lands, I'm swift kill, bomb and slam		
Contraband is concealed, palmed in hand
Hologram is revealed, starts to flash		
March then clash, I'll hunt ya with skill
Darkest wrath, yall run for the hills			
Eyes shoot laser beams, my foes scarred
My troops slay your team, I goes hard				
I throw guards off the ledge of the watchtower
Lone is bred like a rottweiler			
The harsh prowler, I am trained to duel
You soft coward, I'm ashamed of you		
Volatile, mar severe, I'm iconic
Body fused with hardware, I'm bionic 			
My arm is battering ram that crush skulls
I charge in and shattering glass, destruct mode			
Hard when I'm angered and mad I clutch soul
You're lost in the labyrinth's path of unknown			
Cyborg ninja, ro-botic
Slice, sword swinger, throats, chopped it			
Gross, toxic, the cosmic raider
My logic's greater, I process data			
Burn to crisp, you're burnt in blazed flame
Merciless, I lurk in mainframe